Welcome back to another Stock Challenge, contestants! Kicking off this month’s challenge, member ‘uniword’ — a veteran Stock Challenger and third place contestant in the February 2020 Stock Challenge — is leading in first place with a return of 29.60%! Next, we have member ‘Rainendown’ in second place with a return of 14.17% and member ‘Coral’ in third with a return of 13.16%.

As per usual with the start of any Stock Challenge, the contest is incredibly close so far… with the exception of uniword, the Top 10 are all within less than ~5% of each other. And, with 253 members in this month’s contest, this is our biggest contest yet.

However, this month’s challenge isn’t special just because of its record player count — it marks 1-year since the launch of Stock Challenge 3.0! Let’s take a moment to revisit the launch and see how far we’ve come since then…

One Year Since Stock Challenge 3.0 Launched

As some Stock Challenge Veterans may recall, member ‘avispa’ was the first Champion of Stock Challenge 3.0. While it was a close match (member ‘Cal’ was within ~2% of avispa), avispa ultimately triumphed; today, avispa is 4th in the All-time Leaderboards and holds the most points of any member: a whopping 6,870!

It’s amazing to see how much the world can change in the course of a year. Back in May 2019, venture capital in Canada appeared to be skyrocketing, investors were still clinging onto hope for the Canadian cannabis industry, and progress for Canada’s energy sector seemed to be being made.

COVID-19 and CERB? Those would have sounded like the names of newly discovered Alien planets. If only they were…

Nonetheless,  the fact that so much can change in one year also gives us hope — hope that in another year’s time, the world will (once again) be a very different place.

Best of luck in this month’s challenge, contestants. We’ll be watching!


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