Donald Trump, who we’ve been calling Teflon Don for years, is walking tall today. With the long-awaited Mueller report finally in, the Dems have been left speechless. No evidence of collusion. While a huge Trump victory, it won’t be long before his political opponents and the mainstream media beginning targeting him for something else. The results of Mueller’s investigation will have widespread implications for, not only, the Democrats in 2020, but the mainstream media outlets who big bet and wrong on the outcome.

The politicized media structures tied themselves to this investigation for 2 years. What’s more, in doing so have lost what little credibility they had left. While they could have been right, they weren’t. The few still watching these outlets are waking up today realizing they’ve been misled for two years. No one, no matter how bad they hate Trump or the current reality, want to be lied to or fed narratives proven to be false.

MSNBC explains Monday morning that the findings of the report,

“…essentially echoing the president’s rallying cry for the better part of two years: No evidence of collusion.”

One hour after the news, Trump shares his opinion:

“It was just announced. There was no collusion with Russia. The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. There was no collusion with Russia. There was no obstruction, and none whatsoever. And, it was a complete and total exoneration.”

Dems Come Away with Nothing

Despite overwhelming evidence and an investigation that took nearly 2 years to complete some Democratic leaning writers are not convinced. The investigation cost somewhere between $25 and $40 million, involved reviewing close to 1.4 million documents, 2,800 subpoenas and 500 witnesses; however, still some are not satisfied. The USA Today ran an article titled:

‘Do not think you can bury the evidence’: Democrats demand Mueller report be made public

Deborah Barfield Berry and William Cummings

And this from The New York Times,

No Impeachment in View, but Democrats Push on With Investigations of Trump

Imagine believing the hype for the past two years. Waking up today and realizing it was all completely construed and based on evidence that did not exist. And then deciding to read and believe whatever those same mainstream media outlets decide to start investigating next…

The Big Picture: Trump Takes Momentum into 2020

The continued futile attempts to smear Trump with yet more investigations does nothing but fuel his base and belittle those who’ve been wrong for years. Instead of the Democrats focusing on their platform, they continue to obsess over Trump. The problem (for Democrats), is that Trump keeps winning on the economy and their Russia collusion investment has returned nothing but embarrassement.

Surely, they will get another investigation going soon, but the mainstream media went all in on Russia. Now the word ‘Russia’ or ‘Collusion’ is associated with a complete utter failure by the Democrats and by extension its media structures.

Now, the only thing that can derail a Trump sweep in 2020 is a prolonged recession. The Fed is completely reversing course on interest rates which we predicted and outlined in This Could Make Stocks Surge – a Weekly Intelligence Newsletter from February 23rd.

Trump Understands America’s Lack of Media Faith

What Trump has always understood is that faith in mainstream media has been trending lower for decades.

The article Faith No More: America’s Trust in Mainstream Media Hits Rock Bottom published on March 3rd, 2019 goes into just how low trust in media has fallen.

“Things are going from bad to worse for the US legacy media as its trust credentials have reached an all-time new low, as if that were possible. It has even achieved a lower trust rating than lawyers and members of Congress.”

And that,

“Indeed, the cynicism on the street should have every mainstream media purveyor in a state of absolute panic.”

Trump understood this from the beginning. Like with the NFL and Hollywood, ratings were slipping before Trump, he just added to their downward momentum.

Trump’s Mueller win is his biggest since taking office. It will embolden the President and make it harder to challenge some of his rhetoric and claims that are false. In terms of alientating the public, this is a worst case scenario for the Democrats. The Dems and most mainstream media outlets risked a lot going all in on the Russia Collusion Hoax. They are going to pay for it between now and 2020.