September’s Stock Challenge is done, numbers are in, and here we go…

With an average return of 73.82%, please join us in welcoming our brand new champion, member ‘Brian Sandford’! It’s always good to see a veteran player reap the rewards of staying in the game! Well done ‘Brian Sandford’, you closed out a wicked nail-biter in style.

Just shy of ‘Brian Sandford’ by a meagre 0.23%(!), member ‘sandman852’ follows in second place with a 73.59% average return. And finally, by less than 2%, member ‘Holger Kallsen’ ekes out 3rd place with a 71.99% avg. return.

Congratulations to you three! It was incredible. You came out on top, in a pretty tough month, with the thinnest margins we’ve seen all year! Please keep an eye open for a message from our support staff regarding your prizes.

Lay of the Land

The Stock Challenge Index says it all. September’s good fortune only lasted about a week before matters took a turn for the worse. And by the end of the month, of all 552 stocks picked, 157 of those yielded positive returns.

In other words folks, ~72% of the stocks picked in September’s contest dropped in value! It starts to make sense when one considers the recent sell-offs we’ve been seeing in the markets, driven by rising U.S. Treasury yields coupled with growing concerns of inflation globally.

Final Top 10 Leaderboard

A couple of weeks ago, we informed you of how tight it was at the top. Well, it got even tighter as the month progressed. Check out the final standings below…

Of the 382 contestants in September’s Stock Challenge, only 113 finished with positive average returns.

September’s Most Popular Stock Picks

Western Magnesium Corp. (WMG), August’s second best performing stock with an approx. 100% return, went from being picked twice last month to seven times this month. See the full list below…

percentages are approximations

However, none of these stocks managed to come through as would have been hoped by their selectors. The average return from all four came to about -14.38%, and WMG went from 2nd best performing stock in August to worst performing of September’s most popular stocks.

Although many players “suffered losses” this month, the markets still offered double and triple digit percentage gains to a few select stocks. Predicting the state of the markets in October is anybody’s guess but know this: For the last 2 years in Stock Challenge, October has been the worst month for the Stock Challenge Index in the fourth quarter of both calendar years. So let the fun begin!


All the best with your investments.