Welcome to the first full week of the August 2019 Stock Challenge, Stock Challengers! In first place, we currently have May 2019 Stock Challenge Champion ‘avispa’, who has already managed to achieve an astonishing return of 52.49%! If avispa can hold onto these gains, he may be a solid contender for this month’s Top 3… Meanwhile, following avispa from afar is second place member ‘Bashton’ and third place member ‘Mario Lefebvre’, who have double-digit returns of 18.03% and 13.1%, respectively.

Although it’s early days for the August 2019 Stock Challenge, we’re impressed by what we’re seeing so far…

Roscan Gold Breaks Out As Oncolytics Biotech Breaks Down

Roscan Gold

Roscan Gold Corporation was Stock Challenge’s breakout stock today, having risen 13.79% from C$0.14 to C$0.17. The Canadian gold exploration company—which is focused on the acquisition and exploration of gold properties in West Africa—recently announced that it had commenced trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and expanded its investor relations campaign.

Oncolytics Biotech

Today’s Stock Challenge breakdown, Oncolytics Biotech Inc., fell 22.67% to a new 52-week low of C$0.82. The company, which is developing pelareorep, an intravenously delivered immuno-oncolytic virus, recently announced the completion of a three patient run-in for it’s AWARE-1 study.

Via Oncolytics Biotech,

“. . . All three patients demonstrated immunohistochemically positive viral replication in the tumor mass – two of the three patients showed greater than 50% of the tumor cells infected – following intravenous administration, generating inflammation and T cell recruitment at the tumor site.”