With an average total return of 48.25% for the month so far, member ‘Wreak Havoc’ has lived to see another day in first-place in the July 2019 Stock Challenge. Meanwhile, member ‘iram53’ has moved into second-place as member ‘bob4001’ follows behind in third.

Although Bob4001 managed to knock member ‘mjluke4’ out of the Top 3 for the time being, both member ‘jj’ and mjluke4 are hot on his heels, with a mere 0.47% and 0.65% respectively between them and Bob4001.

July 10, 2019 Stock Breakouts and Breakdowns

One of the biggest stock breakouts of the day went to Orvana Minerals Corp., a multi-mine gold-copper-silver company that rose 18.18% from C$0.33 to C$0.39. Orvana touched a 52-week high of C$0.41 following news that the company had filed a preliminary economic assessment report for the Taguas Mining Property located in San Juan Province, Argentina.

Via Orvana Minerals Corp.,

“Juan Gavidia, CEO of Orvana stated: ‘We are pleased to share with the investment community our Taguas PEA, authored by Wood. The highlights of the Taguas PEA, particularly the solid production, cost and revenue assumptions, as summarized in our June 28, 2019 press release, sends a clear message of value creation to Orvana’s shareholders.

Management is now scoping out next steps to fully take advantage of the potential mineral resource upside, as well as to define the economics of Taguas with greater certainty and with a view of identifying opportunities to improve on the economics, given the latest global macro-economic trends.'”

Meanwhile, one of today’s biggest stock breakdowns went to Integrated Ventures, a technology holdings company with a focus on the cryptocurrency sector. Integrated Ventures fell 13.20% from C$0.13 to C$0.11 in trading today. Considering that today was a particularly rough day for the overall crypto market, Integrated Ventures’ loss isn’t exactly surprising.

Via News BTC,

“The crypto market has shed over $25 billion in value over the course of the afternoon hours, as Bitcoin price was rejected at $13,000, sending it quickly below $12,000, and is at risk of falling further now that the bullish momentum is waning.”

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