A.I. and energy policy are the driving forces behind big changes in our world right now…

Nuclear energy and uranium miners may be poised for a golden era if COP28’s ambitions come to pass.

Additionally, many investors fail to realize that A.I. may be behind a coming surge in demand for silver and precious metals.

According to Metals Focus, an independent precious metals research consultancy, increased demand for chips powering A.I. technology will drive “widespread support for a range of precious metals bearing components.”

In other words, demand for gold and silver could soar in 2024 and beyond due to the global rollout of all things A.I.

Silver demand hit a record 1.24 billion ounces in 2022 and will likely run hot over the next several years. And if A.I. isn’t the catalyst for a surge in silver demand, the green revolution should be…

Scientists at the University of New South Wales believe solar manufacturers will likely require over 20% of the current annual silver supply by 2027. But by 2050, solar panel production will use approximately 85–98% of global silver reserves.

COP28 to Rewrite Global Energy Policy

Although COP28, the global climate summit held in Dubai last week, had a generally negative sentiment toward future fossil fuel development, Aaron believes Canada came out as a clear winner of the historic meeting.

Over 20 major economies, including Canada, made a collective goal to triple nuclear energy by 2050 from 2020 levels. The goal is always and will continue to be reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

As Canada is home to vast reserves of uranium, largely in Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin, the future looks bright for miners and explorers in this industry. Uranium is finally getting the credit it deserves as a source of sustainable energy…