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  • Step 2) Select 2 stocks for the month.
  • Step 3) Play to earn points and potentially win silver and/or Pinnacle Digest merchandise.Play to Win Stock Challenge Prizes

About the Stock Challenge & How it Works

The premise of Stock Challenge is simple: participants select two stocks that they believe will perform best for the upcoming month. When the month concludes, the top 3 challengers (determined by calculating the average return of both stock picks – highest return wins) will be awarded prizes.

  • 1st place receives a 10-ounce silver bar, a Pinnacle Digest Stock Challenge Champ hoodie, and a slick Lacoste golf shirt, branded with the Pinnacle Digest logo – for those upcoming summer days on the links.
  • 2nd place prize package: 5 ounces of silver and the golf shirt.
  • 3rd place: Golf shirt.

For rules and information:

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