Artificial intelligence and robotics will have an impact on almost every industry in the years to come. Those who anticipate this transition to ‘machine learning‘ will be better prepared to meet the future needs of an automated society.

Artificial Intelligence and Robots to Change Future of Work Forever

Quartz argues that these components, Robots, automation, and artificial intelligence “will forever change the future of work.”

Quartz explains,

“Perhaps no workplace gives a better window into this future than a remote Oregon forest where loggers are seeing their jobs totally transform. Much like the Luddites before them, today’s workers are fighting an economic battle as much as a technological one.”

In Rise of the Machines, a Weekly Volume we published in October of 2017, we outlined the coming A.I. revolution.

Looking back to 19th century England which saw a dramatic end to many well paying middle-class jobs; Quartz wonders if something more insidious may be around the corner. New jobs will have to be created or a period of unrest will surely arise.

Previously inherent human skills, such as emotional intelligence, judgment and intuition are now candidates to be replaced by machine learning and artificial intelligence.