Delays are coming for Canada’s recreational weed market. While provinces sort out how cannabis distribution will unfold in each jurisdiction, pundits wonder if supply will meet demand.

Chuck Rific, Chairman of National Access Cannabis provides insight into Canada’s recreational weed market.

Rific believes the delays will not be too big a hurdle for the burgeoning industry.

Rific Sees Value in the Product and Retail Front

In explaining the next wave of value creation, Rific states,

“And the way I view retail, it’s really kind of the next wave. And Colorado and other kind of mature retail markets. Far more value on the retail and product side and the cultivation side. So, I think all the value has been created to date on the growing cannabis. I think we are going to see a lot more value on the product and retailing front.”

In A Serious Threat to Weed Stock Values, we warned that,

“…valuations in Canada’s marijuana market became grossly exaggerated over the past few months. No matter how blue the ‘blue sky’ potential is for some producers, the valuations just got insane. And the sell-off was most certainly justified.”

Canada’s Marijuana sector remains under pressure since it became obvious the July 1st deadline for recreational weed becoming legal would not happen. The Canadian Marijuana Index fell 1.8% today, finishing the week at 706.35.

Canada’s Marijuana Index Trends Lower in February

Canadian Marijuana Index