Internet research expert Clif High says his most-recent research, which he calls “predictive linguistics.” High believes there will be a dollar crash and a bond market crash in 2017.

High contends,

“The data sets have this period from March to May being politically and economically chaotic in terms of the language. We have had stuff about bonds for months, about how the bonds are just going to be vomited out of institutions for poor performance and for basically a drag on them. They are going to want to get rid of the bonds…”

High continues,

“We have seen for years it would be coming out of Europe before it hits the U.S. It’s all going to spring from the Italian banks.”


Finally, High believes Trump’s first term in office will resemble Teddy Rosevelt’s first year in office, as the left attempts to fight back.

Additionally, Clif High discusses the topic of ‘global cooling’ instead of ‘global warming’.