“Gold has worked for thousands of years and now with the internet; it works even better,” according to Peter Schiff. In Peter’s latest podcast with Joe Rogan he argues for Goldmoney.


Goldmoney | Superior to Fiat and Crypto?

First of all, Schiff notes,

“Goldmoney will do to fiat currency, what FedEx did to the post office; what Uber is doing to taxi cabs. It is the free markets alternative. A money that government can’t create out of thin air that will hold its value over time. And now, thanks to the internet we can be used in commerce.”

Furthermore Schiff proclaims,


“Gold will work better as money today than it’s ever worked before. And, it worked great in the past. I mean we thrived. America was built on a gold standard. The industrial revolution happened on a gold standard. We produced the wealthiest country the world had ever seen on a gold standard. We’ve become broke with this fiat standard.”


Rather than outline the many issues with fiat, Schiff focuses on moving to a gold standard. Finally, Peter outlines how merchants can accept payment via Goldmoney MasterCard.