What a difference a year, or even a few months can make in the junior gold sector. Junior gold stocks have been rising since February and got an extra shot of adrenaline Thursday night after it was confirmed the U.K. will leave the EU. The precious metal surged 6% within an hour of Brexit confirmation. Google searches for “buy gold” increased by 500% in the 4 hours preceding the historic vote…

With uncertainty returning to the market, gold, once again, is in vogue; and the precious metal is among the best performing assets in 2016.

As capital rushes back into gold and junior gold stocks, it’s worth taking a look at the companies that have positioned themselves to potentially make a discovery…

We have been focused in the Yukon Territory of Canada and the Klondike where explorer Kaminak Gold announced in May that it entered into a definitive agreement with Goldcorp Inc. (G:TSX) pursuant to which Goldcorp has agreed to acquire by way of a plan of arrangement, all of the issued and outstanding shares of Kaminak in an all-share transaction. The total consideration offered for the Kaminak shares is approximately C$520 million.


Klondike Gold Exploring in Historic Gold District


George Carmack was credited with discovering gold in the Klondike back in August of 1896; his discovery in Bonanza Creek sparked one of the largest gold rushes in history as over 100,000 people set out to find fortune in the Yukon… but only a lucky few would ever strike gold. Many prospectors went broke, and some even perished, during the famous Klondike Gold Rush.


Klondike Gold
image source: Alaska Trekker


As history buffs, we’ve been staunch followers of exploration activity in the Yukon for many years here at Pinnacle. And since the financial crisis, the region has seen an incredible prospecting boom, as well as a bust. Once again, it appears the region is set for another burst in exploration activity.

Pinnacle Digest’s Head of Market Research, Alexander Smith, had a chance to travel up to the Klondike earlier this month to get a ‘boots on the ground’ feel for the re-emerging gold rush of 2016 by interviewing a President, CEO and geologist well-known in the region – Peter Tallman…

Mr. Tallman is leading Klondike Gold (KG:TSXV), which is a sponsor and client of Pinnacle Digest. This is a company we have been following for some time. In fact, last year we headed up to the Yukon klon1to visit with Klondike Gold and Mr. Tallman during a time when gold stocks were largely shunned and exploration capital was few and far between. We filmed our journey last year and released our docu-coverage in July 2015 (Click here to watch). Back then, Klondike’s shares sat at $0.11 and were thinly traded. What a difference a year can make… On June 3rd 2016, Klondike’s stock price hit $0.41 after millions of shares exchanged hands in the company during the month of May. That’s more than a 250% increase…


Klondike Gold: A Familiar Name in Dawson City, Yukon


Klondike Gold (in one form or another, the previous management and company were named Klondike Star) has owned a stake in or controlled substantial parcels of land just to the south of Dawson City for years. Unlike the White Gold District, which is more than 120km south of Dawson City, Klondike’s Yukon gold projects are accessible by government maintained roads just outside of town.

Klondike Gold is exploring for structurally hosted gold deposits in the Klondike area, Yukon, Canada beneath the 20 million ounce Klondike placer goldfields. New recognition and mapping of gold-controlling orogenic fault system allows direct drill testing for the first time ever. A 50-hole drill program is underway.

The land Klondike controls is vast, covering approximately 25,000 hectares of hard rock and 2,000 hectares of placer claims including “McKinnon Creek,” which was featured on past seasons of the Discovery Channel show “Gold Rush”. Unlike many juniors that have only a few targets to pursue, Peter Tallman explains in our latest interview, from early June, 2016, that Klondike Gold is going after about 20 targets this season.

The company has proven it can withstand and move a project forward in good times and bad. Despite the resource market being extremely tough last year, the company had fourteen news releases. With little over half the year gone, Klondike has already released thirteen in 2016 and raised $1.2 million at $0.30 per unit. Its stock closed trading on Friday at $0.27.


Klondike Gold – 3 Month Stock Chart



Acquisitions in the Klondike Region

When gauging the Yukon, and more specifically the Klondike region, from a speculative, junior gold stock perspective, it is impossible to ignore the successes of Underworld Resources’ Golden Saddle discovery (approximately 1.5 million ounces of gold) which was sold to Kinross in 2010; and the Coffee Gold Project (approximately 4.2 million ounces of gold) which is being acquired by Goldcorp.


Klondike Gold – drills turning for 2016 season

In late-September of 2015, Klondike announced that:

“A cumulative total of 1,233 line kilometers of high-resolution ground magnetics surveying and 161 square kilometers of orthophoto surveying has been completed on the Company’s Lone Star, Dominion, Sulphur Creek, and Gold Run properties during 2015. A total of 652 prospecting rock grab samples have been collected and submitted for assay. Based on results so far, drill targets for 2016 testing have been identified on Lone Star property including a newly discovered quartz vein array containing visible gold located along a prominent magnetic ‘break’ which returned values of up to 24.1 g/t gold in prospecting grab samples.”

Read full press release here.


Klondike Gold is back to drill these new targets in 2016.


In an October 2015 press release, following a new gold discovery at the company’s Gay Gulch target, Peter Tallman, President of Klondike Gold, explained:

“…the Klondike district has exploration potential for vein-hosted gold mineralization with interesting grades and widths.  The additional positive results from Gay Gulch opens up the potential for many further Klondike “lode” discoveries.”

Read full press release here.


Klondike Gold is hoping to make a discovery this season; and it has the capital, time and manpower to potentially accomplish its goal. See what we learned earlier this month about this junior gold company striving to make the next discovery in the Yukon.

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