In January of 2019, we introduced Westleaf (WL: TSXV) – a vertically integrated cannabis company, with assets owned and under development across cultivation, extraction, processing, manufacturing, and wholly owned retail.

The company is committed to opening a cultivation facility in Saskatchewan (under construction) and an extraction facility in Calgary, Alberta (completion of phase 1 construction is imminent); and its retail concept, known as Prairie Records, is unlike anything we have seen in the weed space…

We take you through this innovative retail concept (and much more) in our latest video on the company, where our crew visited Westleaf’s first ever retail store in Warman, Saskatchewan.

Prairie Records tablet shopping in-store

Before we go any further…

While Westleaf’s plan to open retail cannabis shops in many parts of Western Canada remains intact, it has had to navigate an evolving regulatory environment, unforeseen provincial delay/moratorium, intense stock selling pressure over the last couple of months; and, as of late, rather bearish sentiment toward many Canadian cannabis plays. However, aiming for vertical integration across the cannabis value chain could provide the company with optionality in the future.

For that reason, our focus today will be more about Westleaf’s Calgary-based extraction facility currently under development (which we visited for the filming of our latest video), and what that may provide for shareholders down the road – particularly given the fact there aren’t too many extraction facilities in Canada at the moment. Furthermore,

“Canadians can expect tight supply when cannabis edibles become legal mid-December, officials say,” according to CBC.

Prairie Record's Warman Saskatchewan retail store
Westleaf’s first ever Prairie Records retail location opened in Warman, Saskatchewan earlier this year. We visited the store during our trip in April. The company now has a total of three retail locations open for business.

Westleaf’s First Half of 2019

To recap, Westleaf’s stock traded quite well during January, February and into March, rising from a price of CAD$2.67 (last trade at the time of our introduction in late-January) to a high of CAD$4.

But it became clear in the spring that our timing was way off. Hindsight is 20/20.

Despite a total of 29 cannabis retail development permits secured, including the Town of Banff approving a development permit for Westleaf’s planned flagship retail location in the heart of Canada’s most visited national park, the opening of these stores remains “contingent on licencing from the respective provincial and municipal regulators,” according to the company.

In short, while retail has strong potential and helps enable Westleaf’s seed-to-sale goal, it has disappointed – at least thus far. It has simply taken too long to roll out.

But this isn’t a problem exclusive to Westleaf – it’s something that’s been seen across many retail cannabis markets in Canada. And to be fair, the company has successfully opened three stores (two in Saskatoon and one in Warman, Saskatchewan which we visited this spring). Nonetheless, their retail rollout is still behind schedule, and the market has not been kind.

From a broader industry perspective, lower than expected Canadian consumption of legal recreational marijuana (black market sales still account for a large portion of market share), combined with a lack of retail stores and brands, has contributed to bearish sentiment of late.

All of these negative factors mentioned, as well as a few others, took place amidst a period of seasonal weakness (April-June) for many marijuana stocks.

To boot, Westleaf had millions of previously restricted shares become free trading roughly two months ago. It was, you could say, a perfect storm. As a result, Westleaf is trading rather close to its fresh 52-week low. It closed trading on Friday at CAD$0.47.

Westleaf – 3 Month Stock Chart

Westleaf 3 Month Stock Chart
source: Quotemedia

The CMI (Canadian Marijuana Index) is down roughly 30% since March 19th, falling from roughly 710 to below 500 as of Friday.

CMI – 3 Month Chart

CMI 3 Month Chart
source: The Marijuana Index

For the overall cannabis space, we may be nearing a bottom-feeding opportunity. Sentiment is relatively poor for the sector right now, and the historical adage ‘sell in May and go away’ appears to be alive and well.

Back to Westleaf

Specifically for Westleaf, it’s likely going to come down, in large part, to execution of the company’s business model and speed to market. Right now, the equity market appears to be questioning whether the company can hit its objectives.

In April, we traveled to Saskatchewan to visit the company’s first-ever Prairie Records store, which combines the instinctual tie between cannabis and music. We also set off to Calgary to see how Westleaf’s extraction facility (currently under construction) was coming along. Watch our video to see what we found out:

We traveled to Warman, Saskatchewan and Calgary to find out what Westleaf has been up to since our last visit…

Westleaf’s Valuation & Capital

Westleaf has a market cap of approximately CAD$66.21 million (according to Bloomberg data). On May 10th, 2019 the company reported that it,

“. . . has access to $57 million of capital (cash position as of April 30, 2019 adjusted for net proceeds of the convertible debenture financing) comprised of ~$27 million of cash and the ability to draw up to $30 million of undrawn, low cost, non-dilutive capital under its non-revolving credit facilities with ATB Financial, subject to ATB Financial’s discretion in certain cases and subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions precedent…”

While that approximate cash balance is regularly drawn down given the company is in an expansion phase, one should contemplate what Westleaf’s asset portfolio may be worth…

The company has three operational retail stores, 29 cannabis retail development permits secured (timing of openings contingent on licensing from the respective provincial and municipal regulators), and “Construction remains on schedule and on budget” for its extraction facility, “with Phase I expected to be completed in June 2019.” Full release here.

According to Westleaf,

“The licensing process is well underway with Health Canada, with the expectation that The Plant [extraction facility] could receive a Standard Processing licence as early as Q3 2019. It is anticipated that Phase I will allow Westleaf to process up to ~65,000 kilograms of cannabis feedstock per annum (based on 350 work days per year), which will be refined and manufactured into products such as oils, tinctures and gel caps and ultimately, once fully legal, edibles, vapes, topicals and other high-margin cannabis products.”

More information here.

With all of this said, we still haven’t really touched on Westleaf’s cultivation facility in Battleford Saskatchewan, which is currently under construction as well. In short, the company is more advanced today than in January, yet its market cap has shrunk tremendously in recent months…

Westleaf & The Overall Market

Investor sentiment can be an unpredictable thing – and yet it often determines market values. The Canadian marijuana sector is perhaps the most volatile and temperamental market in recent history. Granted, it is has been the land of inflated values, several booms and busts, and fast money in recent years. Still, with certain edibles set to be legalized in late 2019 (click here for further information), we’re speculating the recent overall sector selloff may be due for a rebound relatively soon.

Remember that in both 2017 and 2018, the CMI temporarily bottomed in the summer and then rebounded into the late summer or fall. We are speculating there could be a bounce back in 2019 for the Canadian Marijuana Index.

Westleaf Closed Convertible Debenture Unit Financing Last Month at a Conversion Price Equal to CAD$1.30

Despite closing at CAD$0.47 per share on Friday, Westleaf’s latest financing (closed in May) was a convertible debenture at a conversion price equal to CAD$1.30 per unit (interest at a rate of 9.5% per annum – click here for further details).

Scott Hurd, President and CEO of Westleaf stated at the time,

“Westleaf is pleased to close it’s previously announced $12 million financing, which bolsters the Company’s available capital to $57 million, allowing it to continue to advance its vertically integrated cannabis strategy with assets across the entire value chain (cultivation, extraction/product development, and retail distribution)…”

Westleaf Provides Update to Operations

Westleaf’s Thunderchild Cultivation Facility in Battleford, Saskatchewan is currently under construction.

Westleaf broke down the three pillars of its business in a corporate update last month:

*The Plant Extraction & Manufacturing Lab: “Construction remains on schedule and on budget for The Plant with Phase I expected to be completed in June 2019. The licensing process is well underway with Health Canada, with the expectation that The Plant could receive a Standard Processing licence as early as Q3 2019…” (see more here)

* The Plant is currently under development, and its operation is subject to receipt of all required approvals including receipt of a standard processing license from Health Canada.

*Thunderchild Cultivation Facility: “Construction of Thunderchild Cultivation near Battleford, Saskatchewan is on track, on budget and is scheduled to be complete in Q4 2019 with Health Canada licencing expected to follow completion. The facility is expected to produce up to 14,600 kg of dried cannabis flower when fully operational (estimates based on a total flower bench of 42,000 square feet (Phase I & II), 60 grams of flower yield per square foot per harvest and 5.8 harvests per annum). The first wing and processing hub are targeted to be complete in October 2019. The Thunderchild Cultivation facility is anticipated to provide Westleaf’s retail locations and The Plant with a reliable supply of high-quality cannabis…”

*Completion of building and development of cultivation facility subject to several factors including, among other things, receipt of all government approvals including a production and sales license.

Prairie Records Cannabis Retail: “Year to date the Company opened three Prairie Records cannabis retail stores in Saskatchewan, two in Saskatoon and one in Warman, as well as an online ecommerce platform serving all of Saskatchewan. [*]Additional cannabis retail stores are planned for Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, with a total of 29 cannabis retail development permits secured, with timing of openings contingent on licencing from the respective provincial and municipal regulators…”
*Retail locations are under development and subject to securing real estate, finalizing lease agreements and completing provincial and municipal approvals, among other factors.

CBD Shortage Could Bolster Westleaf Extraction Facility

With the potential that Westleaf’s extraction facility could receive a Standard Processing licence from Health Canada as early as Q3 2019, we believe this facility (dubbed ‘The Plant’) could be the most influential of the three assets in its vertically integrated model (cultivation, extraction, and retail)…


One reason is that there is a shortage of CBD in this country. A May Global News article titled ‘Retailers struggle to keep popular cannabis extract CBD on shelves in Canada’ discusses Canada’s current supply challenges:

“Beverley Ware, a spokeswoman for the Nova Scotia Liquor Corp., said while it has “CBD leaning” products, it has not been able to consistently carry pure CBD oil due to the national shortage.”

The article continues,

“I don’t think the licensed producers really realized how popular CBD was, so there’s none available, really,” said Krystian Wetulani, founder of City Cannabis Co. in Vancouver.”

Licensed producers are either in the midst of building their own facilities or looking to secure production contracts with extraction facilities right now. With relatively few extraction facilities up and running in Canada, Westleaf could have an opening here. But speed to market will be very important…

A Financial Post article by Vanmala Subramaniam reported in April,

“The extraction industry is poised to experience rapid growth with the arrival of vape pens, beverages and edibles this fall. Value-added products derived from cannabis extracts could represent 50 per cent of the cannabis industry sales in Canada over time,” Landry wrote in a note.

Westleaf is expected to complete Phase I construction at its extraction facility in Calgary by the end of this month. *Once complete, it is anticipated that Phase I will allow Westleaf to process up to ~65,000 kilograms of cannabis feedstock per annum (based on 350 work days per year). The cannabis will be refined and manufactured into products such as oils, tinctures, and gel caps.
*Operation of this extraction facility is subject to receipt of all required approvals including receipt of an oil license from Health Canada. Product SKUs are also under development and subject to provincial and federal legislation.


Construction of Phase 1 of The Plant is anticipated to be completed on time and on budget later this month – one of the reasons for our report on Westleaf (WL: TSXV) today.

“On October 17, 2019, the production and sale of edible cannabis, cannabis extracts and cannabis topicals will be legal in Canada under the Cannabis Act…” according to the Government of Canada.

Recognize that we are biased when it comes to Westleaf. Westleaf is a sponsor and client of Pinnacle Digest, and we own shares of the company, making us cheerleaders and shareholders. Conduct your own thorough and independent due diligence to properly understand the risks associated with investing in a company of this nature. A good place to start your due diligence is reviewing the company’s Sedar filings at Westleaf is most certainly at an expansion stage, which at some point will likely result in further dilution to shareholders. Pick your spots…

Wrapping Up

Westleaf’s story is a deep one given its vertically integrated business plan. That said, it is in the early stages of development, so one of the risks facing the company will be its ability to execute on its business development plan as scripted, and quickly.

Edibles and rising demand for many things CBD and cannabis-related in North America could revive the Canadian cannabis markets this fall. As retail stores continue to open across the country, revenue numbers will increase. By several accounts, many legal cannabis consumers have yet to develop significant brand loyalty… Westleaf’s Prairie Records store concept is designed to help achieve exactly that.

Enjoy our exclusive visit to Westleaf’s first-ever Prairie Records store, its extraction facility in Calgary, and our one-on-one interviews with members of its leadership team.

All the best with your investments,


Westleaf’s Investor Presentation

Westleaf Investor Presentation

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