Market volatility continues in 2023, with April proving to be another up-and-down month. But, despite stocks being under pressure for much of the month, U.S. equities bounced back by posting their best day since January on April 27th.

Small caps are down across the board as the April Stock Challenge Index tells a tale of significant losses, particularly for the second half of April.

Despite challenging markets overall, our Top 10 Stock Challengers cruised to solid gains in April. The top 18 members posted double-digit gains, but, like every month, one Challenger rose above them all.

Abbotsford Tech Stock Jumps 55% in April

‘PAULETTO’ Takes April’s Stock Challenge

Member ‘PAULETTO‘ hit big with Gatekeeper Systems (GKPRF) in April. The Abbotsford, British Columbia-based tech company reported financials earlier in the month, which included: $9.7M Revenue, $1.9M Net Income, and 212% YoY Growth in Fiscal Q2 2023. Nice timing, PAULETTO!

Needless to say, GKPRF shares soared 35% on that day alone. The stock finished the month up 55.12%. In a sign of the times, Gatekeeper Systems is a video and data solutions provider for public transportation and smart cities.

Congrats on the win! That silver bullion and prize package will soon be yours! Lookout for an email from our support staff, PAULETTO.

Our second-place finisher, SUZ, was 20% behind our winner. This shows just how tough a month it was. Congrats on the 33% combined average return, and good luck next month! Keep chasing that top spot!

Finally, our third-place finisher is none other than ‘firefly‘ – one of our Challenges’ most storied and long-time competitors. With over 6,000 lifetime points in Stock Challenge, everyone can learn something from firefly, who put up a solid 29.62% combined average return. Great to see you back in the Top 3, firefly!

April’s Final Top 10 Leaderboard


To our Top 3 finishers, lookout for an email from our support team. Your prizes will be on their way shortly.

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