Newly listed FRNT Financial (FRNT: TSXV), which is featured below, aims to provide institutional investors exposure to cryptocurrencies. 


The cryptocurrency market continues to experience volatility, but it’s here to stay. Combined, the global crypto market is worth roughly US$2 trillion.

Only a decade ago, crypto represented a niche market for daring speculators. Since then, leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have become mainstream financial assets.

Additionally, growing adoption rates, combined with the devaluation of fiat currencies across much of the globe, led to record investment by VCs into the crypto market in 2021.

Now, with a see-sawing stock market and inflation raging near 40-year highs, institutions — the most liquid of all investors — have entered the crypto market.

Venture Capitalists, Money Managers, and Many of the World’s Largest Banks Have Entered the Crypto World

In August 2021, Lawrence Wintermeyer, a Forbes contributor with a focus on Fintech wrote,

“A recent study conducted by Fidelity Digital Assets found that seven in ten institutional investors expect to buy or invest in cryptoassets in the near future. More than half of the 1,100 respondents surveyed between December and April revealed that they already own such investments.”

The crux of the crypto story is not as much about the value of these digital assets, but whether or not adoption will continue to grow.

In a TIME article titled Experts Say Bitcoin Could Hit $100,000 In 2022. Here’s What Investors Should Know from March 30, 2022, author Megan DeMatteo cites Kate Waltman, a New York-based certified public accountant who specializes in crypto,

“Crypto technology is being adopted at a faster rate than humans first adopted internet technology.”

Former Google employee Michael Levin noted in 2021 that it took BTC only 12 years to reach 135 million users. The speed of adoption is one reason he is projecting 1 billion users by 2025.

bitcoin adoption
Source: Visbitcoin via Michael Levin

DeMatteo continues her article, writing,

“Bitcoin adoption has been increasing at an annual rate of 113%, according to data from the digital asset management firm CoinShares. (Meanwhile, people adopted the internet at a slower rate of 63%.) If people warm up to Bitcoin at a comparable rate to that of the internet’s early days (or faster), the report makes the case that there will be 1 billion users by 2024 and 4 billion users by 2030.”

A Yahoo finance article from January of 2022 by Aaryamann Shrivastava highlighted the rising number of global crypto owners in 2021:

total number of crypto owners
Source: Yahoo! Finance

No doubt, last year’s impressive price run-up in BTC and other cryptos played a large role in the increasing adoption rate; but, for an asset barely a decade old, these numbers are impressive.

Cryptos and Institutions Unite

Only recently have we begun to hear ‘cryptos’ and ‘institutions’ in the same sentence. Institutional participation in the crypto market has come about largely because clients of these institutions are demanding access to crypto.

In a Reuters article from October 2021, Bitcoin soars to $50,000 again on institutional demand, Martha Reyes, head of research at digital asset prime brokerage and exchange, BEQUANT, states,

“The banks are capitulating one by one.”

She continues,

“For those of us working in the space, the fact that it’s too big to ignore is hardly news, and the regulators certainly aren’t ignoring it.”

The article went on to confirm,

“…U.S. Bancorp (USB.N) announced it launched a cryptocurrency custody service for institutional investment managers who have private funds in the United States and Cayman Islands.”

So, while some of the largest financial institutions in the world dipped their toes into the crypto ocean, VCs jumped in with both feet in 2021.

crypto funds
Source: Crypto Fund Research

VCs Pour Record US$31.6 Billion into Crypto Projects in 2021

A City A.M. article from February 2022, Crypto VC boom shows no sign of stopping in 2022 by Lily Russell-Jones, highlights the rise of the crypto space last year alone:

“Last year saw an explosion in crypto VC investment, with PitchBook data revealing $31.6bn was poured into projects in 2021, more than the 10 previous years combined. The momentum shows no sign of stopping in 2022, with a number of high value new funds launched so far this year.”

Separating Fantasy From Reality

Granted, the days of thinking one can buy Bitcoin, hold it for a few months or a year, and become a millionaire are over. However, if participation continues to grow, new opportunities will emerge. Sourcing Blockdata info, a Business Insider article by Carla Mozée stated,

“55% of the world’s top 100 banks are investing in the crypto and blockchain space.”

Enter FRNT Financial (FRNT: TSXV)

We believe Toronto-based FRNT Financial (“FRNT” or the “Company”) stands to benefit if increased adoption, exposure, and liquidity continue in the crypto markets. Much of the Company’s business model involves helping institutions gain exposure to the cryptocurrency space.

FRNT | Led by A Bright Canadian Entrepreneur

Stéphane Ouellette is the CEO & Co-Founder of FRNT, which is expected to commence trading on the TSX Venture this Tuesday, April 19th. Learning where he came from helped us understand the FRNT opportunity. A familiar guest on BNN Bloomberg, Stéphane is brought on to help simplify the crypto space to viewers. His depth of understanding of the crypto market is among the best we’ve come across…

We had the opportunity to interview Stéphane in 2021, and are proud to introduce FRNT Financial (FRNT: TSXV) as our client and newest featured company.

Introducing FinTech Startup Offering Institutional Investors Access to Crypto

Stéphane began his capital markets career in the Equity Products group on the trading floor at BMO Capital Markets (BMO) in 2010 as a Cash Equity Sales Trader. While there, he covered a wide range of account types (hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds) and geographies (Canada, US, Europe, Asia).

In 2018, Stéphane left BMO to start FRNT Financial. In August 2019, he was elected Chairman of the Canadian Security Traders Association (CSTA), following a term as Vice Chairman…

He had a front-row seat to the emergence of an entirely new marketplace. Similar to junk bonds in the 1980s, the crypto sphere moved quickly, from millions to billions, and is now worth roughly 2 trillion dollars. Despite this explosion in value, Stéphane believes the market is still in its infancy.

Stéphane Ouellette is joined by Dan Cristall, a Director of FRNT, who recently served as CEO of Macquarie Capital Markets Canada Ltd. from 2013 until June 2021. Formerly global head of oil and gas banking for Macquarie, and former Chairman of the Board of Orion Securities Inc., Cristall brings significant mergers & acquisitions and capital markets experience.

Who Makes Money in a Gold Rush?

To help understand FRNT’s position, let’s use an analogy…

Think of virtually every gold rush in human history. Only a small fraction of the miners (speculators) struck it rich — it was feast or famine. On the other hand, local shopkeepers or the hoteliers (facilitators) in the region that provided guidance, supplies, and ultimately access, ended up generating steady income.

Today, there are over 18,000 different cryptocurrencies, and we liken each crypto to the thousands of gold miners, while companies like FRNT represent the facilitators.

FRNT’s primary focus in cryptocurrency and alternative finance are market inefficiencies and arbitrage opportunities.

The Company explains on its website,

“The outsized retail participation and lack of professional infrastructure lends to unprecedented alpha opportunities that is further benefitted by liquidity and 24/7 trading. As a whole, FRNT serves to educate institutional clients about the opportunities in crypto/web-based finance and other opportunities.”


“FRNT provides technology that allows counterparties to access cryptocurrency liquidity and other yields in the space at best-in-class rates via highly automated interfaces.”

FRNT focuses on delivering expertise and products to institutional clients that allow them to access alternative cryptocurrency trade opportunities effectively.

Meat and Potatoes of FRNT

The Company highlights three keys to its business:

  • “Operate under an OSC Exemption to offer OTC Derivatives on cryptocurrency and other macro products to permitted clients.
  • FRNT’s derivative offering is structured to allow investors to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies, and other yields in the space, in a manner that is in-line with established financial processes related to settlement, liquidity, offering memorandums, etc.
  • FRNT’s derivatives offering is designed to offer access to complex but attractive components of cryptocurrency trading, such as short selling or peer-to-peer lending.”

Because it is central to FRNT’s revenue model, it is worth paraphrasing Investopedia’s definition of a derivative:

A derivative is a contract between two or more parties whose value is based on an underlying financial asset (often a stock) or collection of assets (like an index). The asset, often referred to as the underlying, includes bonds, commodities, currencies, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

This is where FRNT comes in…

While derivatives and their underlying financial assets have been around for some time, cryptos have not. FRNT sees massive potential in being the facilitator, thereby allowing institutions to make bets relating to cryptos, the way they do in other markets.

Global Derivatives Market in the Quadrillions

According to Investopedia,

“The derivatives market is, in a word, gigantic—often estimated at over $1 quadrillion on the high end. How can that be? Largely because there are numerous derivatives in existence, available on virtually every possible type of investment asset, including equities, commodities, bonds, and currency. Some market analysts even place the size of the market at more than 10 times that of the total world gross domestic product (GDP).”

As the crypto market grows, its derivatives market could explode.

Perhaps it is becoming clear why FRNT Financial (FRNT: TSXV) is worth reviewing. Although a small startup company, it could very well stand out among capital markets service providers in Canada.

Watch our video below to learn more about FRNT’s business model.

The volatility across cryptocurrency provides noteworthy spreads and potential for opportunity. Unlike some firms, who bet entirely on the long side and hope for Bitcoin and other cryptos to rise, FRNT is more dependent on volatility.

FRNT | More than OTC Derivatives Offering

Aside from its derivatives business line, the Company has other key offerings. First, its deliverable services, where,

“FRNT licenses front and back-end trading technology to global market makers in crypto and alternative assets to facilitate block trading (‘The OTC Desk’)”

Secondly, Treasury Management. FRNT maintains that its,

“Highly customized and adaptive strategies provide yield enhancement solutions for large holders of crypto and fiat currencies.”

The Company’s Treasury Management offers,

“…fully automated access to peer-to-peer lending markets in the crypto space.

Lending offers 2-day liquidity, withdrawals at any point when available and can be re-lent at the click of a button.”

Finally, FRNT’s Research & Consulting arm offers its technology to third parties under licensing regimes and provides research, consulting, and advisory services. The Company breaks down this side of its business:

  • “FRNT’s research and consulting efforts offer adaptable services aimed at clients who wish to better understand the cryptocurrency space.
  • FRNT provides incumbent financial institutions with advisory and consulting in order to achieve exposure to the asset class or participate in the space in some other capacity.
  • FRNT is engaged in Commission Sharing Agreements with broker dealers and as result can accept compensation from advisory via equity trading.
  • 24-Hrs In Crypto, one of the longest standing daily distributions in the crypto space, is offered as part of FRNT’s research services.”

The Company’s core offering is providing technology that allows counter-parties to access cryptocurrency liquidity and other yields in the space at best-in-class rates via highly automated interfaces.

We hope this report provides a high-level overview of FRNT’s recent developments and its near-term plans, but it is not intended to be exhaustive. Recognize that we are biased when it comes to FRNT. The Company is a sponsor and client of Pinnacle Digest, and we own shares and warrants of FRNT, making us cheerleaders and shareholders. Conduct your own thorough and independent due diligence to properly understand the risks associated with investing in a speculative company of this nature. A good place to start your due diligence is by reviewing the Company’s Sedar filings, beginning with its prospectus, which was filed on March 4, 2022.

Just last week, the Company completed its initial public offering, raising CAD$6 million. It is expected to commence trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “FRNT” this Tuesday, April 19th.

Despite being in its early days of business development, FRNT, a next generation institutional sales and trading platform, is uniquely positioned within the Canadian cryptocurrency derivatives market.

All the best with your investments,




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The Company has limited financial resources, and no assurances that sufficient funding, including adequate financing, will be available to advance its objectives. If the Company’s generative commercialization and development programs are successful, additional funds will be required for development of one or more initiatives. The Company may seek such additional financing through debt or equity offerings. Any equity offering will result in dilution to the ownership interests of the Company’s shareholders and may result in dilution to the value of such interests. Failure to obtain additional financing could result in the delay or indefinite postponement of further business development.

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FRNT is a Very Risky Investment: FRNT is an early-stage company operating in an evolving industry with substantial competition and potential challenges. FRNT poses a much higher risk to investors than established companies. It is not an appropriate investment for most investors. When investing in speculative stocks of this nature, it is possible to lose your entire investment over time or even quickly.

Negative Operating Cash Flow: Since inception, the Company has had negative operating cash flow and incurred losses. FRNT cannot guarantee that it will attain or maintain positive cash flow status in the future. We cannot predict when FRNT will reach positive operating cash flow, if ever. The Company will likely be reliant on future financings in order to meet its cash needs. There is no assurance that such future financings will be available on acceptable terms or at all. If the Company sustains losses over an extended period of time, it may be unable to continue its business.

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