Edgewater Wireless Systems (YFI:TSXV), with offices in Ottawa, Canada & San Jose, California, is the manufacturer of high-density WiFi3, dubbed by the company as the next-generation WiFi technology. The company hit a new 52-week high of $0.38 per share Friday.

I first identified Edgewater Wireless back in March of 2015, when it traded for just $0.12 per share.

At the time, the Edgewater Wireless’ wifi3 hype builds was published; I pulled a quote from the company to explain their WiFi3 tech:

“The company used a simply analogy to explain its core technology in the March 11th press release, stating,
“Like a single lane road, traditional Wi-Fi solutions rely on single channel architecture, making them susceptible to congestion particularly in high-density environments. Using standards compliant Wi-Fi, Edgewater’s patented WiFi3 technology enables multiple, concurrent channels per radio and, like a multi-lane superhighway, WiFi3 dramatically improves end user quality of service in high-density Wi-Fi applications.”

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Edgewater Wireless’ fluctuating share price


Interest has been hot and cold when it comes to Edgewater over the past 12 months as investors await a significant deal. It’s share price has been a reflection of this impatience and while still dramatically below its highs of 2015, Edgewater Wireless’ shares climbed to a new 52-week high of $0.38 per share Friday.

Going back even further, to the spring of 2015, on April 7th, 2015, to be specific, months prior to Edgewater soaring to its all-time high of $0.62, we spoke with Andrew Skafel, CEO of Edgewater Wireless, the company’s CEO in an exclusive interview to discuss his company and its future goals.


More than a year later, the company is making strides and being rewarded by the market once again. On July 12th, Edgewater announced that the company had partnered with EION Wireless. According to the company, “The partnership is a milestone win for Edgewater Wireless with the development of a high capacity EION small cell solution with integrated multi-channel WiFi from Edgewater Wireless.”

EION is by no means a small company. Formed in 2001, EION is a global provider of 4G Mobile WiMAX solutions, LTE solutions, and high-speed broadband wireless products.

Momentum came back to Edgewater Wireless’ market following this press release.

Check out the company’s one-month chart below:



How big is the Smart Cell Industry?

Edgewater explained in its July press release that,

“The Small Cell industry is forecast for 43% annual growth according to the latest report from ABI Research. And projected to be worth $3.92 Billion by 2020 according to Markets and Markets. Network infrastructure is moving quickly away from coverage-centric to a more agile capacity-focused network deployment model to effectively add capacity in high-density locations. WiFi3(TM) integrated with EION’s small cell solutions will offer the highest capacity Small Cell + WiFi product available in the market today.”

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Edgewater Wireless is re-emerging from a liquidity standpoint (1.65 million shares traded Friday) and price appreciation standpoint.



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