Market participants are buying next generation energy storage firms as conventional energy prices remain at historically depressed levels. Energy storage solutions that are compatible with new and old energy sources is an emerging sector drawing investor interest.

EEStor Corporation (ESU: TSXV) is no exception and broke above its 50 day moving average Friday to $0.58 per share. The 18.37% jump was enough to capture the Daily Stock Challenge Breakout award in February’s Stock Challenge.

These articles are designed to highlight specific issuers at a point when they are breaking out and drawing interest from the greater investment community. For a stock to be featured it must be selected by one of our members and in this case was chosen for February’s Stock Challenge by long-time member and past Stock Challenge Champ ‘Guido1077‘.

Guido1077 has moved into 12th overall with a 23.63% return. New members or readers will be able to register for March’s Stock Challenge on Monday February 20th.

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EEStor Corporation announced its audited financial results for the three months and year-ended September 30, 2016.


Eestor | provider of leading edge electrical energy storage


Eestor’s mission is to be the provider of leading edge electrical energy storage and related capacitor technologies. According to the company, it “…operates on the principle and belief that a fundamental breakthrough in energy storage will be the catalyst for positive environmental and economic change globally.”

The company’s current business strategy targets licensing and partnership opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries and applications building on its recent technology achievements related to capacitors.

On January 12th, EEStor Corp. announced the hiring of Dr. Abhijit Paul, Principal Polymer Scientist, to its technical team in Cedar Park, Texas.

Ian Clifford, Founder and CEO of the Company commented:

“We are extremely pleased to have Dr. Paul join the Company at this pivotal stage in the development of our technology. As previously disclosed, we are deeply focussed on high energy density solutions and the addition of Dr. Paul and his related advanced polymer experience adds dramatically to our path to success. Dr. Paul’s initial focus will be on the development of flexible plastic CMBT-based high energy density storage systems, including the collaboration with and integration of advanced polymer solutions developed by our consultants at ASG, with the potential of achieving multiple technical and large-scale production advantages.”

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Management believes that its technology, if proven successful, will allow it to successfully license and or partner with known commercial capacitor companies that require a capacitor that provides high voltage and high capacitance at a substantially lower cost to currently available technologies.

2016 has been a great year for the company regarding price appreciation and climbing market cap. With 102 million shares outstanding, the company’s valuation is approximately $60 million.

Eestor holds an approximate 71.3% as-converted equity and voting interest and certain technology rights to a solid-state capacitor and related energy storage technologies currently under development by EEStor, Inc. The acquisition of the controlling interest in EEStor Inc. aligned the businesses of both companies and now allows EEStor Corporation to benefit from other revenue streams that should be available to EEStor, Inc.

On January 30th, the company reported a net loss for the year amounting to $3,232,515 (2015 – $2,779,046, or including impairment charge in 2015 – $10,134,190).

“For the three months ended, the net loss for the period amounted to $1,252,672 (2015 – $381,847).”



February’s Stock Challenge Tightens


Guido1077 had to be feeling good about his move up the ranks into 12th spot Friday. February’s leader, ‘joeyg48’ no longer enjoys a multi-point lead. His return shrunk to 38.92%, while ‘MRG_WPG’ moved in close with a 37.27% return.

Member ‘wooloomooloo’ jumped up into 3rd overall with a 37.24% return. Member ‘samwin‘ from Robstown moved into 4th with a 36.94% return.

So, with just one full week remaining in February’s Stock Challenge, the race for silver bullion is getting intense.


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