For some outliers, Canadian small-caps are not merely about speculating to make money. The best startup CEOs and deal makers care about much more than that…

These leaders are in it for maximum impact; to inspire others, leave a legacy and achieve something no one else has. Making money is, of course, important. But it’s not the only thing.

We are about to introduce a junior clean tech company whose Chairman & CEO co-founded ID Biomedical, which became Canada’s largest vaccine company and the fifth-largest in the world. He also co-founded Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, creator of the first coated stent, which has gone on to help save millions of lives.

The New Pursuit

Success seems to follow entrepreneurs who pursue their passion for helping people and positively impacting the world. We’re talking about innovators who go after big global challenges…

That in mind, few sectors are transforming as rapidly as electric motors and generators – the target markets of disruption for the company we are about to introduce. These are markets that, if improved upon, have significant human-impact potential.

When most people think of electric motors, or the electrification of machines, Tesla and its outspoken CEO Elon Musk come to traditional rendering of electric motormind. But the space is far bigger than one car company, or even the automotive sector as a whole.

Almost all industries depend on electric motors and/or generators to one degree or another. The applications are far reaching.

From ceiling fans to air conditioners, drones, to fridges and wind turbines; electric motors are everywhere, and in every country. In fact, there are probably half a dozen, or more, electric motors in your home right now. And their level of efficiency is what matters most.

Energy Efficiency & Intelligent Electric Motors

Governments have incentivized citizens and companies with billions in potential rebates or savings to encourage cleaner, more efficient energy consumption. There is a wave of geopolitical support, perhaps more than any other sector in the world, behind the electrification of the global economy. Countries who lead the charge with climate regulations and clean energy innovations, are propelled onto the global stage.

Thousands of companies, and even traders, now operate solely to improve economic efficiency, increase energy supply security, and/or reduce CO2 emissions caused by power generation. The electrification of motors is a key to the clean energy equation…

The global electric market was valued at over USD $70 billion in 2015, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% from 2017 to 2025, according to a report by Grand View Research, Inc. Furthermore, according to Grand View Research, sales of electric motors are anticipated to reach $155.3 billion by 2025.

Sales alone, however, are just one part of the developing storyline. According to the book ‘Energy Efficiency Improvements in Electric Motors and Drives,’

“In industry, a motor consumes an annual quantity of electricity which corresponds to approximately 5 times its purchase price, throughout its whole life of around 12 to 20 years.”

Cumulatively, countries, companies, and citizens spend hundreds of billions on electric motor and generator consumption in related expenses each year. And electric motors operating in variable applications waste billions of dollars in energy annually. This results in economic losses in almost all rotating machine applications such as wind power generation, electric vehicles, run-of-river generation, diesel gen-sets and mining operations.

Although viewed by many as a solution to a large chunk of greenhouse gases we create, there is still plenty of desire for improvement in electric motors, both from a performance and an efficiency standpoint. Scientists and inventors have been working to reduce costs/waste for decades.

The Grand View Research report highlights,

“The motor vehicles segment was valued over USD 30 billion in 2016 and is estimated to dominate the market, owing to increase in electric vehicle production across the globe.”

According to a CNBC article by Tom DiChristopher from May:

“The world’s fleet of electric vehicles grew 54 percent to about 3.1 million in 2017.”

Electric cars at charging station
Electric cars at charging station.


3.1 million cars may not seem like a lot. However, the International Energy Agency forecasts the number of electric vehicles on the road around the world will hit 125 million by 2030. To add about 120 million electric vehicles in 12 years would be astounding!

Exro Technologies

We may have found a way to play the electric motor market without investing in a single automaker. This company’s technologies have the potential to be applied to not only the EV market, but roughly half of all electric motors.

The first technology of the company’s was designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of variable load machines ran by electric motors. It is known as DPM, or Dynamic Power Management.

It is important to note that approximately half the world’s electric motors and generators are of the variable design and function, including those in electric vehicles. Variable load motors and generators support machines which change speed or power…

The potential verticals this company may impact are numerous – from electric cars to elevators, wind turbines, fans, and pumps.

The company advancing this technology is Exro Technologies (XRO:CSE), our new featured clean tech company.

Exro Technologies

Exro’s CEO is Mark Godsy. A lawyer turned serial entrepreneur, Mr. Godsy co-founded not one, but two multi-billion-dollar biotech companies in ID Biomedical and Angiotech Pharmaceuticals.

In an October 2017 interview discussing Exro’s technology, he stated,

“I think this technology is one of the most important technologies in the world. We have built three prototypes to validate the technology. We’re now in the process of commercializing it…”

As speculators in Canada’s small and micro-cap markets, this is about the stage we like to introduce new investment opportunities.

With two key collaboration agreements recently announced, the company is nearing the “rubber hits the road moment” in its development… meaning: Commercialization is Exro’s focus.

This past summer we traveled to the company’s headquarters in Victoria to meet the team at Exro, and see its technologies first-hand. Click the image below to watch our exclusive coverage:

Click above to watch Pinnacle Digest’s exclusive on Exro Technologies



Exro Technologies was one of 12 companies selected globally for the FiReStarters Future in Review 2017 conference, held late last year.

The Economist dubs the FiReStarters conference,

“The best technology conference in the world.”

We found Mark Godsy’s comments at the event noteworthy…

Godsy explained three areas Exro’s technology may be commercialized,

“…One in the generator area, one in the motor area. And, one in the area that we would describe as a reversible machine. A reversible machine would find itself in electric vehicles, in elevators, and in effect would be a motor, to drive that vehicle if you like, or to drive that elevator, but then when the vehicle or that elevator descends, or in the case of the vehicle, it decelerates, what would happen is that motor then becomes instantly a generator.”


“We would be able to have an enormous impact on some of the environmental issues that we’re all facing. But, equally, we would also have a very significant impact on the political tension that surrounds energy. And, then last but not least, it would also have an impact on our own pocketbooks to the extent that products and services have an energy component. They would be made or offered more cheaply.”

Watch the full video of Mark explaining Exro’s technology at FiRe below:

Click the image above to watch Mark Godsy’s interview at FiRe

Learn more about FiRe here.

When building any form of business, the bigger the problem(s) you aim to solve, the more positive attention you’ll likely receive. In a more recent interview from late September, Exro’s CEO Mark Godsy, stated,

“We are in the energy conversion space, using artificial intelligence to make motors, generators and batteries not only more efficient, but also so that they last longer…”

Businesses with great potential often start with a single idea that addresses a big challenge or problem. Exro’s is this: make electric motors intelligent.

The company aims to help accelerate the transition to cleaner energy by improving the efficiency and reliability of many electric motors and generators; and by improving the performance and safety of batteries used to store energy.

Traditionally, electric machine coils have been wired in a single configuration. The designer is resigned to select a best compromise configuration over the range of operating conditions for a given electric motor. It’s less than ideal.

So, Exro’s founder and inventor, Jonathan Ritchey, created his solution to this age-old problem which impacts electric machines and variability…

Ritchey developed a new way to configure coils contained in electric motors and generators, which is a part of Exro’s Dynamic Power Management (DPM) technology. By isolating individual coils, Exro’s technology offers electrical system redundancy.

The control system will select the best configuration for a given operating condition using an application-specific algorithm, improving efficiency across highly variable input and output applications. DPM senses input energy and load, and seamlessly switches coil wiring in any combination from full parallel to full series. In essence, DPM provides voltage control with multiple performance curves corresponding to the coil configurations in the electric machine.

We met with Jonathan Ritchey and the Exro team at their lab in Victoria earlier this year to better understand the company’s goals and innovations. Click the image below to watch our exclusive coverage…

Click image above to watch Pinnacle’s exclusive video.


Ritchey’s invention takes advantage of recent advances in semiconductor switches…

The company explains,

“The Exro DPM technology is a control system that integrates wiring of the rotating machine coils into the power electronics. This gives the power electronics control of the machine coil wiring configuration in real time, providing a range of options in place of a fixed machine configuration…”

Exro’s patented technology reduces “off peak” losses by switching generator coils to optimize efficiency at a given speed. This has the potential to help improve the economics of electric motors and generators that operate in variable applications.

Two Key Collaborations

It’s important to note Exro’s management depth in critical fields, which may help guide the company’s technology to market.

To that end, in mid-June, Exro Technologies announced an increased focus on torque/speed management for electric motors. In what we see as a continuation of the company’s collaboration with Potencia Industrial of Mexico City (more on this shortly), “it is focusing resources on a new application of its coil switching technology around improved torque/speed performance of electrical motors…

Mark Godsy, CEO of Exro, stated,

“The data shows that Exro’s coil switching technology improves torque at low speeds and allows electric motors to maintain higher torque at lower speeds.”

And that,

“Many applications require higher torque at low speeds. Without a good system for manipulating the torque/speed profile, applications that require higher torque have had to accept the trade-off of speed degradation when torque increases, to a point where the motor might stall or stop rotating. Our goal is to make it possible to eliminate these types of tradeoffs in a broad range of commercial applications, from electric vehicle motors to e-bikes to trains and trams, drones, and to motors used in smaller appliances such as food processors and blenders.”

Click here to read the entire press release from Exro.

The rapidly growing electric vehicle market is, as you can imagine, a target for Exro… and the company has formed a collaboration with one of the larger electric motor and generator companies in the world: Mexico-based Potencia.

The first mentioned focus of the collaboration agreement with Potencia is as follows:

Car Conversion Kit

The first application will be for electric motors that Potencia currently manufacturers for its car conversion kits. The conversion kit allows for a gas motor of an economy-sized car – the most prevalent car type in the world – to be swapped out and replaced with an electric motor. Potencia is currently introducing its car conversion kit to a sizeable market of car owners who want the lower operating costs and/or the zero-emission benefits of an electric car without having to replace the whole vehicle.

Potencia and Exro will work together to integrate Exro’s technologies into the electric motor. This feature will potentially allow the motor to operate more efficiently in a variety of speed and load conditions which occur as a car accelerates, decelerates, climbs up and down hills, and/or operates at higher speeds. Exro’s technologies intend to provide more flexibility for power and torque, which traditionally has been a limitation for electric motors because they don’t have the transmission systems of gas-powered motors. The expectation is that will allow for a greater range of efficiency in circumstances where the designers of electric motors have had to choose between torque or speed.

Click here to read the full press release about Exro’s collaboration with Potencia.

We anticipate an update release from Exro regarding the ongoing collaboration with Potencia in the near term.

But that isn’t the only collaboration recently announced by Exro…

The company announced on June 5, 2018 its “Collaboration to Improve Lithium Battery Performance Under Variable Conditions” with Lithium Werks. Lithium Werks is a fast-growing global lithium ion battery company with production facilities in China and offices in the USA, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Norway. Lithium Werks provides cells, modules, and battery management systems into markets such as material handling, stationary energy storage, medical, and commercial marine.

Mark Godsy, CEO of Exro Technologies, stated,

“We will combine our technologies to develop flexible battery voltage input and output solutions for applications ranging from large scale energy storage for the grid, to everyday consumer goods.”

T. Joseph Fisher III, Lithium Werks CEO and co-founder, stated,

“This strategic partnership with Exro Technologies comes at a time of soaring demand for our Lithium Werks’ NanoPhosphate lithium ion battery technology…”

He continued,

“Our high-powered batteries are both smaller and lighter as well as safer and more durable than those offered by our competitors. By combining this with Exro’s intelligent technology, we are building a strong foundation for a partnership capable of serving the cutting-edge requirements of our customers in the new applications market.”

Click here to read the entire press release from Exro.

Exro’s Leadership

We explained earlier Mark Godsy’s background. However, the Exro team doesn’t begin and end with him…

Torsten Broeer is Exro’s Chief Technical Officer. Mr. Broeer has over 25 years of industry and project experience in the conventional and renewable energy engineering field. He holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, an M.Sc. in Renewable Energy, and B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering.

Eamonn Percy, Strategic Advisor, Board of Directors

Eamonn is a global business growth advisor and clean tech expert. He is the former President of Powertech Labs, a leading global utility engineering products and services company; and Mr. Percy is the former VP, Operations of Ballard Power Systems (a leading fuel cell company). He holds a B. Eng. (Electrical) & MBA (Finance).

Jamie Chapman, Ph.D., Key Advisor

Dr. Chapman has over 35 years of broad technical, engineering, operational, and economic expertise in the areas of Renewable Energy and Power Conversion Systems.

Dr. Chapman provides strategic, technical, and engineering consulting services to law firms, technology-driven companies, federal laboratories, and agencies. His recent clients include law firms, Exro Technologies, the *National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and technology-intensive product development companies in the United States and internationally.

*The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has roughly 2,200 employees; and in fiscal year 2017 its business volume by funding source was roughly $382 million. Furthermore, the NREL is a leader in wind energy research.

Two independent board members to Exro:

Daniel McGahn is currently CEO of American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC), a NASDAQ-listed company that reported on February 5th, $14.9 million in revenues for the third quarter of fiscal 2017. Through its Windtec Solutions, AMSC enables manufacturers to launch best-in-class wind turbines quickly, effectively and profitably. Mr. McGahn holds a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Engineering, MIT.

Frank Borowiczm received the honorary title of Queen’s Counsel, used to recognize Canadian lawyers for exceptional merit and contribution to the legal profession.

Borowicz is Governor, Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, Director of Hemisphere Energy and several private companies. He is also the past Chair of BC Industry Training Authority, and retired senior partner of Davis LLP (DLA Piper).


All said, Exro is supported and advised by a stout leadership and advisory team for a startup with a *market cap of roughly CAD$23.5 million. The company is operating in a sector that has numerous major companies spending billions annually on R&D and new technology launches, which is important for any young company. Well-known companies, including GE, Siemens, Honeywell, Tesla, Ford and many others are all in the business of electric energy efficiency.
*Market cap according to Bloomberg.


Focus on Commercialization

In the second half of last year, the company reported,

“Exro is in discussions with companies of various sizes that use electric motors or generators, and is exploring ways to formalize collaborations with them. The discussions involve a variety of industries, and Exro will announce any formal agreements as soon as they are made.”

Since that statement, the company has made inroads via two key collaboration agreements mentioned earlier.

Exro has largely flown under the radar of the general investment community for the first year or so of its life as a public company. The company’s shares, like many CSE-listed micro-caps, are volatile. Its 52-week high is CAD$0.68, compared with a low of CAD$0.195. It last traded near the middle of its range at CAD$0.43 per share on Friday.

Recognize that we are biased when it comes to Exro Technologies. Exro is an advertiser client and we own shares of the company. Conduct your own thorough and independent due diligence to properly understand the risks associated with investing in a pre-revenue/early stage technology company of this nature. Pick your spots…
*Important details of Exro’s business, finances, appointments and agreements can be found as part of the company’s continuous public disclosure available at


Wrapping Up

Exro’s collaboration to improve the way batteries are controlled under variable conditions is with Lithium Werks. This sector is on trend as the media and market continue to focus on lithium batteries and their applications in various sectors.

In the ever-competitive electric motor business, Exro is working with Potencia in Mexico via a car conversion kit. A goal of the collaboration is to enable greater range of efficiency in circumstances where the designers of electric motors have had to choose between torque or speed.

Secondly, with Potencia, the companies are collaborating by integrating Exro’s technology into a 5 kW generator. By reconfiguring the coils within the generator, the parties anticipate being able to produce more consistent voltage under varying wind conditions, leading to better overall system management and consistent energy production, which is key for offering electricity for sale or efficiently charging a battery.

The third collaborative application will focus on electric trams, trains and high-speed trains. Potencia currently sells electric motors for each of these markets throughout the world. Here the parties will collaborate by integrating Exro’s technology into motors for each of these respective markets. Like the car converter kit application where existing limitations of a motor require a tradeoff between speed and torque, the parties hope that with Exro’s technology, such a tradeoff may no longer be necessary, giving the motors a greater range of efficiency, which could reduce operational strain on the motor, provide greater energy efficiency, and allow for better selection of motor sizing.

Exro has a few balls in the air at the moment, which could make for an interesting few months as the company looks to transition from an R&D enterprise to a commercial one.

Improving performance/efficiency, and helping the shift to cleaner energy, is Exro’s focus. Positive results from either of these collaborations could indicate just how close Exro may be to achieving its primary goal of commercialization. We expect updates on these collaboration programs initiated with Potencia and Lithium Werks in the near future.

Exro’s shares last traded for CAD$0.43. They trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol ‘XRO’…

All the best with your investments,



Exro Technologies Stock information

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