Member ‘iram53’ maintained his position in first-place today with Millenial Esports while ‘Morris Dash’ jumped into second-place ahead of ‘bob4001’. Morris Dash—a new face to this month’s Top 3—has so far achieved an average total return of 38.08% for July, thanks in large part to today’s biggest breakout stock, Burcon Nutrascience Corp.

Burcon Nutrascience, a global leader in developing functionally and nutritionally valuable plant-proteins, rose 31.11% today from C$0.90 to C$1.18. The company recently announced an update on its development activities, which provided details on the company’s funding of Merit Foods.

Via Burcon Nutrascience,

With Merit Foods now funded, the management team at Merit Foods has already taken important steps to expedite Merit’s development and buildout of the previously announced C$65 million pea-protein and canola-protein commercial production facility (“the Flex Production Plant”).

The Flex Production Plant is planned to initially process approximately 20,000 tonnes of yellow field peas per year beginning in mid-2020 and will produce Burcon’s Peazazz® and Peazac™ pea proteins, as well as Burcon’s Supertein®, Puratein® and Nutratein® canola proteins.

Giyani Metals Corp. Breaks Out while IMining Breaks Down

Today’s second-biggest stock breakout goes to Giyani Metals Corp., which rose 18.42% from C$0.19 to C$0.23. Although news flow has been limited for the Canadian junior exploration company over the past few months, Giyani announced in June that it had completed metallurgical testing of stockpile material from two of the company’s high-grade manganese projects in Botswana.

Via Giyani,

The results of the testing indicate that a variety of lumpy (-75/+10mm) and fine particle (-10/+1mm) manganese products can be produced from both the K.Hill and Otse material.

The company continued,

Robin Birchall, CEO of Giyani commented:

“We are extremely pleased with these metallurgical results. Simply put, they indicate that we will be able to generate a range of potential products from the stockpile material at suitable grade and yield recoveries. These products will all be marketable into the manganese steel market. We shall now work closely with Traxys in order to determine which products will have the highest economic returns for the Company.”

Unfortunately, IMining Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Inc. took home of the biggest stock breakdown of the day today, falling 20.83% from C$0.12 to C$0.10.