It’s the start of a new decade for Stock Challenge, and member ‘micronta’ (who has placed Top 3 in the past 2 Stock Challenges) appears to be more committed than ever to becoming a Stock Challenge Champion! With a return of 49.41%, Micronta is currently leading in first place — albeit just inches ahead of second place member ‘otter’ (46.97%) and third place member ‘bob parker’ (41.76%).

While it’s still early days for the January 2020 Stock Challenge, we expect to see great things out of these Stock Challengers!

Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Breaks Out While Applied Genetic Technologies Breaks Down

Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical

Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical had one of Stock Challenge’s biggest stock breakouts on Friday, rising 23.39% from C$43.73 to C$53.96. The company announced “topline positive safety and efficacy data from Cohort 3 and longer-term data from Cohort 2 of the ongoing Phase 1/2 study of DTX301on” on Thursday, a day before its breakout.

Via Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical,

“We are encouraged to see a more uniform response at the higher doses including three female responders. To date, three patients in the study have discontinued alternate pathway medication and liberalized their diets while remaining clinically and metabolically stable,” said Eric Crombez, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of the Ultragenyx Gene Therapy development unit.

“We are moving to prophylactic steroid use in the next cohort as we believe this could further enhance the level and consistency of expression that we have demonstrated so far.”

Applied Genetic Technologies

Applied Genetic Technologies had one of the biggest stock breakdowns on Friday, shedding 15.43% to fall from C$9.27 to C$7.84. On Thursday, the company announced “positive interim six-month data from its ongoing Phase 1/2 clinical program in X-linked retinitis pigmentosa (XLRP).”

Via Applied Genetic Technologies,

“The results show that patients treated centrally with its product candidate demonstrated durable improvement in visual function six months after dosing. These data reinforce the promising efficacy and safety results reported in September 2019 and will help to design the XLRP pivotal trial that is currently being planned to initiate by the end of 2020.”

The First Stock Challenge of 2020 Begins

We’re excited to see more and more Stock Challengers getting in on the action each and every month! With over two hundred members in this month’s contest, January may be Stock Challenge’s most competitive month yet — and we can’t wait to see who manages to rise to the top…

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