Quantum Numbers (QNC: TSXV) gapped up 27% on more than 2.5 million shares traded Tuesday. The QRNG market-focused company has had big trading days before, but nothing like this.

We’d be willing to bet about 99% of our readers have no idea what the QRNG Market is. Before explaining, remember that cryptocurrencies, Big Data and Fintech all arrived in the past five years. So, without further adieu, this is the QRNG market.

In early February of this year, an article on Nanalyze explained,

“…the only thing you really need to know about a QRNG is that it can generate a truly random number. Why is that so important? Because all encryption protocols require a source of truly random numbers. The security of the entire cyber world relies on truly random numbers generated by various types of hardware devices with QRNGs being the creme-de-la-creme of the lot.”

Quantum Numbers Employs Cryptographic Solutions Based on Quantum Random Number Generator


Quantum Numbers Corp. or QNC is an innovative developer of cryptographic solutions based on Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG). Their value is in being able to generate completely random numbers for security purposes. The Corporation’s mission is to address the growing demand for affordable hardware security for connected devices…

On June 6th the Montreal-based company announced the appointment of Ted Colivas as Executive Chairman. The company reported,

“The Board believes that the appointment of Mr. Colivas places QNC in a stronger position to accelerate and maximize opportunities to monetize its technology.”

Mr. Jean-Charles Phaneuf, President and CEO of QNC, commented that: “Most of our resources and energy to this point has been focused on developing a strategic plan to best position QNC for success in an emerging QRNG market.” Furthermore,

“The intelligence gathered, through our recent participation in numerous trade shows, combined with a series of meetings with potential customers and partners, has reaffirmed our conviction thus far that raising certainties on the fundamental elements of our intellectual property should prove the most effective way to increase the value of our QRNG technology in the short term and a strong catalyst for our commercialization efforts in the longer term.”

The company is in the process of researching the patentability of various claims. And, according to another quote by Mr. Phaneuf,

“…the beginning of August 2017 the highest level of certainty as to which of our 20 claims will be patentable in the 12 legislations we are aiming for. In addition, this information will not only enable us to complete our corporate patent strategy, but will also allow us to undertake a Track 1 patent process in the USA to significantly reduce our patenting time in that key jurisdiction.”

Click here to read the entire quote and press release.

Quantum Numbers Jumps in July Stock Challenge

Certainly one of the greatest reasons to participate in Pinnacle’s Monthly Stock Challenge is to learn about new companies. We had no idea this young tech company existed until member ‘saanichton’s selection. The member of nearly a year hails from North Saanich; and, saw his combined average return jump 11.79% Tuesday.

The TSX Venture continued its slide lower Tuesday. The exchange declined 0.35% on just 43,826,270 total shares traded. The lack of volume on the exchange is typical for this time of year; however, it is still incredibly low given the exchange is now 100 points off its high of 849 earlier in 2017.

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