Stock Challengers, join us in welcoming our newest Stock Challenge Champion (and the first Champ of 2020): member ‘wooloomooloo’! Wooloomooloo finished the month with a return of 126.54% — nearly double the returns of second place member ‘zeek’ (74.97%) and third place member ‘bob parker’ (71.65%).


With over 200 members in this month’s contest, this was the biggest month for Stock Challenge 2.0 yet. We look forward to watching this community’s competitive spirit continue to grow in future months…


Now without further ado, let’s break down how wooloomooloo pulled off this month’s big victory.

Champions Corner: miRagen Therapeutics


Wooloomooloo picked two pharmaceutical companies for the month (a common strategy amongst previous Stock Challenge Champions): Sierra Oncology and miRagen Therapeutics.


Although Sierra Oncology didn’t do anything special for the month from a share price appreciation standpoint (it lost 11.61% for the month), Wooloomooloo’s second pick, miRagen Therapeutics, rose a stunning 264.58% from US$0.48 to US$1.75.


miRagen Therapeutics had a busy month in January. Not only did the clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company announce that it would be presenting cobomarsen clinical trial data for adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma at two conferences, but it announced positive data for cobomarsen in adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma patients with residual disease.


Via miRagen Therapeutics,

“Of note are the data from the subtype of aggressive ATLL patients who at study entry had persistent residual disease after chemotherapy or other therapy.  In the trial, six patients of this subtype had an MST of 26 months with three patients still on treatment at the time of data analysis (October 17, 2019). The Company was most encouraged, however, by the observed biomarker activity showing that disease stabilization is marked by a decrease in biomarkers of tumor cells activation and proliferation, providing evidence of the biological mechanism effect of cobomarsen on disease stabilization.”


Great picks, wooloomooloo! The execution of your trading strategy this January couldn’t have been better.

January 2020 Stock Challenge Top 10 Leaderboards 

Honorable Mention of the Month: Member ‘Bob Parker’

We have to give January 2020’s Honorable Mention to bob parker. He performed admirably throughout the month, and at one point even sat in first place with a return 118.04%!

Although third place is a great finish in any Stock Challenge, we wouldn’t be surprised to see bob parker take home first place soon…

The February 2020 Stock Challenge Begins

Enjoy your weekend, Stock Challengers. We’ll see everyone bright and early on Monday when the February 2020 Stock Challenge begins!

P.S. While the next Stock Challenge is just getting started, don’t forget to reserve your symbols for the March 2020 Stock Challenge!