With a return of 92.83%, member ‘Rose’ is the latest contestant to lead the May 2020 Stock Challenge! Rose’s closest competitors, members ‘kzlarson7’ and ‘mountainpose1’, are also having strong performances this month, clocking in returns of 75.40% and 61.82%, respectively. Overall, Stock Challengers are having a relatively good month so far; approximately 61% of contestants in this month’s Stock Challenge are in the green right now (down roughly 24% from last month).

Geron Corporation Breaks Out While RevoluGROUP Canada Breaks Down

Geron Corporation

Geron Corporation, a late-stage biopharmaceutical company, soared 24.11% from C$1.41 to C$1.75 today.

Yesterday, the company announced that it will have four imetelstat presentations at the virtual edition of the European Hematology Association Annual Congress from June 11 to June 14, 2020.

Via Geron,

“We are pleased to report very encouraging durability data from the IMerge Phase 2 clinical trial to be presented at the upcoming EHA Annual Congress, including a median duration of 8-week transfusion independence of 88 weeks, which is the longest duration we have reported to date in this trial, and that 29% of patients were transfusion free for more than one year,” said John A. Scarlett, M.D., Geron’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

RevoluGROUP Canada

We mentioned last week that the Top 3 could look a lot different if RevoluGROUP Canada slid. Unfortunately, the company fell 13.95% from C$0.43 to C$0.37 today.

RevoluGROUP announced today that COVID-19 has impacted the approval timeline for its PSD2 Banking license in Spain,

Via RevoluGROUP Canada,

The specific timing of said May 12th Royal Decree, while a welcome announcement for the Spanish citizens and economy, has today unavoidably impacted the 24th of April issued timeline. Inevitably, the aforesaid crucial involvement of the: Government, Council of Ministers, and Central Bank during this welcome reopening of the country has invariably provoked today’s slight timeline modification. Nonetheless, the company remains confident that the PSD2 license will be granted.”

Introducing the Stock Challenge Stats Page

A screenshot of the Stock Challenge Statistics page

This weekend, we encourage players to check out the latest feature we’ve added to Stock Challenge: the Stats page! Here, you can compare how Stock Challenge picks and various exchanges performed throughout the month. You can even get a macro view of Stock Challenge’s overall performance with the Stock Challenge Index (SCI), a metric that calculates the average return of Stock Challenge each day!

We look forward to announcing more of the exciting features we are working on for Stock Challenge soon… until then, stay tuned Stock Challengers!