Congratulations to member ‘micronta,’ our May 2020 Stock Challenge Champion! Micronta finished the month with a phenomenal return of 180.77%, catapulting him to the top of the All-time Stock Challenge Leaderboards. This is a sweet victory for micronta, whose previous best performance was in November 2019 when he placed second! As for the runner ups, we have some pretty impressive triple-digit returns as well; member ‘Doug Hawkins’ finished in second place with a return of 104.54% while member ‘Playstocks’ finished in third with a return of 100.18%.

Congratulations again to our winners this month! Your well-deserved silver and Pinnacle Digest swag will be sent out shortly. Now, onto the post-game…

Champions Corner: Remark Holdings

With his second pick, Lightpath Tech, falling -2.11% for the month, Remark Holdings was micronta’s ace in the hole.

Remark Holdings began its climb early on in May, soaring 363.65% by the end of the month. The company’s stock reached as high as US$3.49 before closing lower at US$2.64 on missed EPS and revenue for FY 2019.

The company announced last Wednesday that it had launched a new website for its thermal imaging solution.

Remark Holdings,

“. . . What differentiates Remark’s thermal cameras are its capabilities beyond thermal temperature scanning. Our proprietary AI software enables monitoring various tasks including people counting, PPE enforcement such as mask wearing, social distancing compliance, contactless access to doors and gates, attendance management, touchless employee check in, object counts, behavior detection, intelligent surveillance and theft control.”

Our hats are off to you, micronta — Remark Holdings was a brilliant pick for May!

Stock Challenge Index Rises in May 2020

The Stock Challenge Index (SCI) had a smooth climb for much of May, rising as high as 14% before closing at 11% by the end of the month. This was a far better performance than May 2019, when the SCI fell approximately -3%.

stock challenge index for may 2020

The best performing, and most heavily weighted exchange in May’s contest, was the TSX Venture which saw a +22.76% return for contestants. Overall, every exchange featured in this Stock Challenge was in the green!

June 2020 Stock Challenge Begins in 2 Days!

Well, that concludes the 1-year anniversary of Stock Challenge 3.0 — and what a spectacular conclusion it was! Stock Challengers should take this weekend to relax, recharge, and of course, prepare… only two days remain until the June 2020 Stock Challenge officially begins. If you haven’t registered your stock picks for next month’s Stock Challenge, make sure you do so here as soon as possible!


stock challenge final leaderboards for may 2020


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