As freezing weather gripped parts of the United States this month, oil and gas wells were taken offline, sending natural gas prices to a 1-month high. For one lucky member, this meant Stock Challenge victory… and silver bullion.

It was all smiles for member ‘FREDERICK w HACKENBURG,’ whose selection of NGL Energy Partners delivered a monster triple-digit gain on the month. NGL was up 90.18% heading into the final day before popping another 10.97%, sending Frederick into the Stock Challenge history books with a blockbuster finish.

NGL Energy Partners Soars Over 110% in February Stock Challenge

Frederick’s combined average return settled at 64.31% – not too shabby.

NGL’s one-month stock chart tells the story…

NGL Energy Partners – 1 Month Chart

NGL Energy PartnersSona Nanotech Propels Two Members into Top Three (prize territory)

Things might have played out differently if NGL Energy had corrected on Tuesday and not continued its epic rise. Member ‘Brent Cranwill‘ headed into the final day with a 36.73% combined average return, riding his selection of Sona Nanotech, up 65% to that point. It gapped up again on Tuesday, rising 15% to push his combined average return to 53.87%… but it was not enough to catch Frederick. Great effort, and congrats on the 2nd place finish!

Our third-place finisher, ‘MichaelKlump,’ stunned ‘Tiekam‘ in the final hours after his Sona Nanotech (SONA) selection made its move! All told, Sona Nanotech finished with a perfect 100% return on the month, giving Michael a combined average return of 35.32%. Congrats, Michael!

While there are no prizes for 4th place, it was a great effort! Member ‘Tiekam’s selection of Brunswick Exploration just kept grinding higher all month. But, ultimately, it wasn’t enough.

The Stock Challenge Index (SCI)

SCI Drops in February

Still, the month was painful for many investors as the Stock Challenge Index fell into negative territory, and only 58 of the roughly 250 contestants could eke out a gain.

Finally, our honorable mention this month is ‘iram53‘, whose Blackboxstocks (BLBX) selection went parabolic on Monday – jamming 47% on 15.2 million shares traded! It traded less than 100,000 shares in the previous three trading days. We salute the last-minute effort! iram53 was in 13th heading into the final day but finished in 6th! Solid last 48 hours! iram53 is no stranger to victory, as he won the August 2019 Stock Challenge with a combined return of just over 100%!

Congrats to everyone who played February’s Stock Challenge – it wasn’t an easy month, but still some big wins. And there is plenty more silver up for grabs in March!




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