We just passed the half-way point for this month’s Stock Challenge, and the contest is beginning to tighten…

Member ‘allan riedlinger’ has officially moved into first place with a return of 88.13%, overtaking member ‘mjluke’ who now sits in second place (73.65% return) and member ‘Matthew Simons’ (55.79% return).

144 of the 414 (~35%) Stock Challengers in November’s challenge are in positive territory. While resource companies continue to dominate the contest, we’re beginning to see cannabis stocks like Aurora Cannabis, Tilray, and Auxly Cannabis resurface on the leaderboards.

Last Monday, the Canadian Marijuana Index (CMI) touched a 3-month high of 227.44 — an encouraging development for cannabis investors. Though the CMI has a long way to go, recent progress in marijuana legalization in the United States and Israel could bring momentum back to the sector.

Stock Challenge Index (SCI) as of November 13, 2020

Stock Challenge Index (SCI) as of November 13, 2020

The Stock Challenge Index has steadily trended upwards for the month, closing at a month-high of 6.58% by November 13. The SCI tracks the average return of every contestant in the challenge for any given month.

Theralase Technologies Breaks Out While ProMIS Neurosciences Breaks Down

Theralase Technologies

Theralase Technologies rose 57.69% from C$0.13 to C$0.20 today after an announcement regarding its Photo Dynamic Compounds (PDC) technology and coronavirus (BSL-2).

Via Theralase Technologies,

“. . .An assay was established to measure coronavirus destruction and using this new assay the Theralase® PDC technology was able to destroy coronavirus (BSL-2) with drug doses 5 times lower than what was used to kill Influenza H1N1 and Zika viruses . . . All coronaviruses are considered similar in their structure and these new results strongly suggest that Theralase®’s PDC  will be highly effective against the SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus (BSL-3)) virus responsible for COVID-19.”

ProMIS Neurosciences

ProMIS Neurosciences fell 16.67% from C$0.12 to C$0.10 today, marking a new 52-week low for the company. A few days ago, ProMIS announced its third quarter 2020 results.

Via ProMIS Neurosciences,

“The Company’s net loss for the three months ended September 30, 2020 was $1,562,228, compared to a net loss of $1,637,714 for the three months ended September 30, 2019.”

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