The final (and biggest) Stock Challenge of the year has officially kicked off!

Member ‘Djoka’ finished the week in first place with a healthy return of 56.94%, followed by member ‘wooloomooloo’ in second (35.09% return) and member ‘quantumx’ in third (34.56% return). Long-time players will recall that wooloomooloo started off strong in 2020 by winning first place in January’s Stock Challenge. We wonder if he’ll be able to pull off another victory and finish the year strong as well!

ESE Entertainment Breaks Out While Sundial Growers Falls

ESE Entertainment

ESE Entertainment, which describes itself as a Europe based esports organization with physical and digital assets across the globe, had the biggest stock breakout of the day by rising 27.27% from C$0.44 to C$0.56. This Wednesday, ESE Entertainment announced it had signed a letter of intent to acquire the assets of World Phoning Group Inc. and Encore Telecom Inc. (collectively referred to as “WPG”).

According to ESE Entertainment,

“WPG operates in Europe and works with some of the world’s most recognized brands. It provides infrastructure and support with bespoke solutions for fan engagement of sporting organizations, esports companies and telecom providers across the globe. . .”

Sundial Growers

Sundial Growers experienced one of the biggest stock breakdowns of the day after falling 14.13% from US$0.77 to US$0.66. Today, Sundial Growers filed a shelf registration statement with the SEC allowing the company to offer various securities worth up to $200 million for sale.

According to Seeking Alpha,

“[Sundial Growers] has also filed a preliminary prospectus supplement with respect to a new ATM equity program for up to $150M of common shares.”

The Battle for the Gold Coin Has Begun!

Although there are plenty of prizes up for grabs this month, every Stock Challenger is focused on one thing right now: the one ounce maple leaf gold coin that will be awarded to first place! There are some diverse stock picks in this month’s contest, and we can’t wait to see which combinations end up performing best.

We’ll be sure to check in with you next week, Stock Challengers! Until then, best of luck…