Nano One Materials (NNO: TSXV) has been swimming upstream in river of declining TSX Venture stocks. The struggling exchange finally rebounded on a day Nano One hit a new 52-week high. Seems like, the company willed the entire exchange higher. Certainly, Nano One is now among the best-performing stocks on the TSX Venture. The junior’s previous high was $0.99 per share; but blew past it today, touching $1.20, before settling at $1.18.


Nano One Materials – 6 Month Chart

Nano One Materials

Nano One Materials Granted Battery Patent


On July 6th, Dr. Stephen Campbell, Principal Scientist at Nano One Materials announced that the issuance of U.S. Pat. No. 9,698,419. The company reported that,

“This patent expands Nano One’s propriety position to include the improvements in battery performance provided by the lithium ion cathode materials produced using Nano One’s process.”


Furthermore, Dr. Campbell explained,

“Expanding the segment of our patent portfolio related directly to improved batteries demonstrates that our process also provides superior lithium metal oxides which manifest in enhanced battery performance.”


Interest in Nano One Materials revolves around the clean energy revolution. The company is working to simplify the raw material inputs and manufacturing of lithium-ion cathodes. Lithium ion batteries are a current news story. Consequently, stories that relate to mainstream media today, not yesterday, tend to perform well. Investors have been focused on the renewable energy space recently as the EV market expands and investors search for the next cost efficient battery storage breakthrough.

According to a report by Global Market Insights, The Lithium Ion Battery Market, which includes cathodes, anodes, separators, electrolytes is forecast to cross USD 53 billion by 2024. Significant growth by any measure, given the lithium ion battery market from cathodes in 2015 was valued over USD 9 million.

Nano One to Reduce Costs and Enhance Energy Storage


Nano One stated in its July 6th press release that its, “goal is to reduce costs and enhance energy storing properties of batteries.”


“Patents previously issued to Nano One detail the manufacturing advantages of the novel cathode formation technology.”

Investors in Nano One will be awaiting the company’s next update at its pilot plant. Nano One reported first production of lithium ion cathode materials. On June 26th Nano One confirmed the pilot plant is complete and that scaled-up production of lithium ion cathode materials had met the company’s processing and battery capacity targets.

CEO of Nano One Materials, Mr. Dan Blondal, commented,

“The resulting cathode materials are meeting our targets in lithium ion battery test cells and we are now well positioned to execute on our 2017 plans in bringing industrial interests to the table.”

These “industrial interests” is what the market is looking for in the second half of 2017.

hawaiianeye Moves Higher in July Stock Challenge


Long-time Pinnacle member ‘hawaiianeye‘ selected Nano One for July’s Stock Challenge. Consequently, hawaiianeye’s combined average return jumped 14.40% Tuesday.

The TSX Venture finally put together a strong day, rallying 1.14% after falling in 10 of the past 11 trading days. Nano One Materials has been a rare success story; for the reason that, mining and energy stocks are underperforming badly during this seasonally weak period.

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