After five long years in a bear market that drained over 70% of the TSX Venture’s value, the tide has turned for resource speculators. The TSX Venture Bull Market has begun as the exchange has led all North American indices over the past three months and has gained more than 30% since its January low.

TSX Venture Bull Market is Back

Led higher by a major discovery in the uranium sector, a few popular gold explorers, and a host of lithium stocks skyrocketing to all-time highs amidst wild speculation, the TSX Venture bull is back.

Volume on the Venture exchange has picked up and major institutional financings for mining plays in the lithium and gold sectors may be following suit shortly.

Learn about the players behind this Venture bull market, if it will last, and discover an unconventional tactic to find out which TSXV stocks could breakout next in our latest podcast hosted by Alexander Smith and Aaron Hoddinott.


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