The TSX Venture continued its decline in Q2 2019, falling 6.61% to 585 by the end of the quarter. However, according to data found in the TMX Group’s quarterly Equity Financing Statistics reports, financing activity actually picked up in Q2 2019 when compared to Q1 2019—a trend we explore in this quarter’s market visual.

 Infographic summarizing the TMX Group's Equity Financing Statistics reports for Q2 2019

Q2 2019 TMX Group Equity Financing Statistics Give Hope For The Second Half Of 2019

Although TSX Venture financing activity still declined year-over-year (YoY) for Q2 2019, there were some positive developments worth mentioning. Year-over-year, financings for Q2 2019 only declined by 10, as opposed to 151 in Q1 2019. In fact, April 2019 was the only month in the first half of 2019 to not have a negative number of financings.

The TSX Venture also welcomed 9 more new issuers in Q2 than it did in Q1 2019. Moreover, despite Q2 being a notoriously slow time for the public markets, TSX Venture listed companies raised roughly $200 million more in Q2 2019 when compared to Q1 2019. Of the total C$1 billion that TSX Venture companies raised in Q2 2019, supplemental financings contributed 65% (down 15% compared to Q1 2019), secondary financings contributed 33% (up 15% compared to Q1 2019), and IPO financings contributed 2% (unchanged).

While the TSX Venture has a long road to recovery ahead, the TMX Group’s Equity Financing Statistics for Q2 2019 suggests that the TSX Venture could be positioning for a rebound in the second half of 2019.