Ventripoint Diagnostics (VPT: TSXV) finally stopped the bleeding Wednesday after three days of declining volume and a declining share price.

Ventripoint Diagnostics rallied 14.81% today to capture the Daily Stock Challenge Breakout award.

March 2nd, might be remembered as the best day for any stock on the TSX Venture Exchange in 2017. Ventripoint opened at $0.14, traded to a high of $0.92 before settling at $0.69 per share. The junior biotech stock traded a whopping 44.53 million shares worth nearly $20 million dollars.

Ventripoint Diagnostics’ performance has waned in recent sessions.

Ventripoint Diagnostics – 5 Day Stock Chart

VentriPoint Diagnostics


On March 2nd, the company’s press release read:

Approval for World’s First Complete Heart Analysis System for 2D Ultrasound Exams Received by Ventripoint


Ventripoint received a license from Health Canada for the new VMS-PLUS™ machine and the 4-chamber (4C) heart analysis system.

Ventripoint noted,

“This is an expansion of the VMS heart analysis product to include right atrium (RA), left atrium (LA) and left ventricle (LV) chambers of the heart. The VMS was already licensed in Canada for use for the right ventricle (RV). This expansion allows for the determination of volume and function for all four chambers of the heart using conventional 2D ultrasound, which could only be provided by MRI until now.”

Click here to read the entire press release.


The press release was a simple 3 paragraph, one pager. The market is still trying to digest and value Ventripoint Diagnostics after its historic press release.


March Stock Challenge Update


Little changed in March’s Stock Challenge Wednesday as we still have a clearly defined, seemingly untouchable, leader. Member ‘screefer’ extended his gains Wednesday, finishing the day with a 189.65% return. Ventripoint Diagnostics will need to correct in a major way for any member to have a shot at knocking off screefer.

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