We introduced our client EarthRenew Inc. (the “Company” or “ERTH” or “EarthRenew”) in June of 2020. On our visit to its operations in Strathmore, Alberta, CEO Keith Driver took us through the benefits of organic fertilizer and the Company’s agenda… 

EarthRenew’s mission is to support a farm system that puts healthy soils and grower profitability back on the table. Using circular economic principles of upcycling waste products into high-value agronomic inputs, the Company is developing an innovative platform of soil health products intended to establish EarthRenew as a key player in the regenerative agriculture space. 

EarthRenew’s primary revenue stream is the sale of regenerative fertilizers, but the Company also enjoys secondary revenue from generating power and selling surplus electricity. 


EarthRenew in 2021

2021 has already been an important year for EarthRenew, namely due to the Company’s acquisition of Replenish Nutrients Ltd. (“Replenish Nutrients” or “Replenish”). According to EarthRenew, Replenish is “forecasting total revenue of $9.9 million for the period of July 2020 through June 2021, up from $3.6 million for the same period in 2019/2020.”

Click here, here, here and here to read the full releases relating to this acquisition. 

On May 12th EarthRenew announced the closing of the Replenish Nutrients acquisition, a privately held regenerative fertilizer company located in Okotoks, Alberta.


Text Interview with Keith Driver, CEO of EarthRenew

*Interview was conducted in May of 2021

Pinnacle Digest: Thanks for taking the time to provide us with an update. How have the last few months been for EarthRenew?

Keith Driver: It’s been a very transformative time for our business.

What began as a simple conversation with Replenish Nutrients about collaborating and bringing our products to market turned into a larger opportunity that ultimately resulted in the acquisition closing on May 12th.   

We found that Replenish was looking to grow their market of organically certified products and we were looking to try to penetrate that market with a relatively narrow product line.  It made sense to combine our efforts.  They are experts at the formulation, blending, and sale of products and EarthRenew is more of an infrastructure play to try to produce those products. 

Together we have a powerful, vertically-integrated formulation, manufacturing, sales, and marketing engine within the regenerative fertilizer space.

We’ve effectively gone from a company looking to enter the market to a company that is now forecasting around $10M in annual revenue (based on Replenish Nutrients’ forecasted revenue for the period of July 2020 through June 2021) with a fleet of products in the organic space.  We are now working with customers and delivering at a scale that would’ve taken us years to develop competency and infrastructure for. 

Click here to read EarthRenew’s corporate update to shareholders from March of 2021.


Pinnacle Digest: You’re routinely talking about ‘feeding’ the Earth…what does that mean to you, and how is EarthRenew capitalizing on aspects of the ESG movement? 

Keith Driver: So I’ll break that into two questions.

1. Feeding the Earth ties back to the Organic/Regenerative movements in Agriculture.  

Regenerative Agriculture is a philosophy that requires feeding the soil to feed the plant and results in a net build-up of carbon in the soil, allowing the plant natural resilience.  

Contrast that with conventional ag that utilizes lotions, potions, and sprays that are designed to feed the plant, but fail to build the soil – effectively you are mining the soil over time which leads to the soil becoming naturally less productive.  

In our case, we are focused on Regenerative Ag.  By building back the soil we make the plants more resilient and better able to naturally pull the nutrients they need from the soil while reducing the amount of product growers need to add to the soil. 

So for us, feeding the Earth means building back that top 3 inches of topsoil that is so crucial to the food we eat and makes crops more resilient to impacts of conventional practices that have caused desertification and a gradual loss of arable land. 

2. In many ways, we epitomize the ESG movement. From an environment standpoint, we take waste products and turn them from a problem into a high-value solution w/o runoff and soil contamination issues of other products (click here to learn more about EarthRenew’s production process). And we are doing that in a way that is not as GHG intensive as the alternative through our waste heat recovery processes. 

On the social side, by helping to make farms and soil more resilient, we are supporting building back the farm’s ecosystem by making the farmer less reliant on chemical fertilizers.  This can help make the farm more profitable and it improves the likelihood that the next generation of farmer can stay on the farm. These regenerative choices get them back to being stewards of the land, as opposed to industrial producers under conventional agricultural systems. 

For Governance, we have our BOD and management team to be able to ensure, that as we deliver on these promises and report on these gains, we are as transparent as we can be to meet the needs of an interested and engaged shareholder base.


Pinnacle Digest: Many agriculture commodities and some of the larger ag companies have soared in value recently. Is that good news for a small firm like EarthRenew?

Keith Driver: It’s definitely good news for the sector. As we reflect back on what we have all been through with Covid, I think as a society we’ve developed a greater appreciation of food security issues. This has led to greater consideration around the importance of producing food close to home so not to stress supply chains and reduce our carbon footprint. 

When you couple these factors with the regenerative movement and investments from large players like Cargill, PepsiCo and General Mills, all announcing commitments to source products in that manner, a perfect storm emerges. 

Customers are making buying decisions based on where their food comes from, the quality of that food and the sustainability practices used to produce it. 

Similarly, farmers are being influenced by the opportunity to differentiate, grab more value and make their farms more resilient.


Pinnacle Digest: From a revenue standpoint, the Replenish Nutrients acquisition appears to be the most consequential transaction in the Company’s history. Can you talk about what this transaction may do for EarthRenew’s bottom line? 

Keith Driver: Absolutely. The Replenish acquisition will dramatically accelerate ERTH’s path to market. So, we go from having marginal sales, and still testing out the best product/market fit, to post-Replenish acquisition where we will have the infrastructure of a ~10M sales organization spanning Western Canada and into the US. It also comes with a suite of soil health solutions, beyond single skew nutrient components, where we can provide full end-to-end solutions and blend those for farmers.


Pinnacle Digest: On March 31st, EarthRenew announced relatively significant electricity generation revenue from its Strathmore, AB facility.  

Can you speak to these numbers, and do you hope to have a secondary revenue source from electricity production on future potential sites?

Keith Driver: The Strathmore Plant generated an estimated $342,727 in settlement revenue from electricity sales so far in 2021, with a 77% gross margin. This is compared with $118,222 for the first two months of 2020.

We have the electricity assets in Strathmore and will continue to maximize the revenue potential there. We announced on May 6th that EarthRenew generated a total of $505,097 in revenue, with an 83% gross margin in Q1 2021. See here for further details on those revenue numbers.

There is potential for the Company’s strong revenue from the first quarter of 2021 to be repeated once provisions are in place to service the recently announced ENEL-X and cryptocurrency mining agreements announced on March 31, 2021 and April 23, 2021, respectively. I would encourage everyone to read those press releases in their entirety if they haven’t already.

While energy generation remains secondary to our business, it is material. In order for us to achieve a low-cost production method for fertilizer products we need a source of low-grade heat.  One of the best ways for us to do this is to use the waste heat available for power production. This provides us the heat we need, while driving down our cost of goods. We can achieve this by diverting the power and electricity back to the grid or selling to third parties. So, while it will not be in every installation, as some regulatory environments are less favorable than others, it certainly allows us to improve our emissions density while permitting us to maximize the value from the heat sources we use in our production processes.  

Click here to learn more about EarthRenew’s fertilizer production process.


Pinnacle Digest: There could be many reasons to expand your regenerative business into the US market where, seemingly, the regenerative movement is in full swing. On March 2nd, EarthRenew announced it had signed a non-binding letter of intent with Diamond Feeders, LLC for the potential development of EarthRenew’s first facility in the United States. If constructed, the new facility will be located on Diamond Feeders’ large feedlot in the western United States (Colorado), which finishes over 50,000 head of cattle per year and could provide ample feedstock. 

What is the Company’s US strategy? 

Keith Driver: The US expansion is incredibly important to us.  If we look at where the largest markets are for our products it is the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest and then down into California.  So, potentially being in Colorado gives us strong access to those markets.

Click here for further details relating to EarthRenew’s non-binding LOI with Diamond Feeders, LLC.  

2022 wont be a big year for us in terms of penetrating into the US, but you could start to hear announcements more from us in the second half of 2022 as we look at distribution agreements servicing the northern US markets from our Canadian location.


Pinnacle Digest: Lastly, what message do you want to leave investors with? 

Keith Driver: We are an obvious option to the investor who cares about Environmental Sustainability.  We are building a company that contributes to reversing climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity to improve both carbon drawdown and water cycles.

We upcycle low value nutrients, things that would be wasted, into a form of high value and comparable agronomic utility.  So, a similar utility from an agronomic benefit as primary commodities, and we can sell those at the same price as conventional fertilizers but in a form that not only adds the nutrients, but adds back carbon to the soils and builds back the soils.

The ability to scale our business by providing products that the farmers are used to, in forms that they are used to, ie. Granules, but that are produced in a form that is healthier for the soil, more bioavailable and fits with a mandate of regenerative agriculture is a major driver behind our business. 

We will be bringing new formulations to market in the future, but we’ve hit sales and anticipate reaching EBITDA positive in the near future. 

Lastly, our goal is to turn our business from a 40,000 ton annual production company of regenerative fertilizer to a 400,000 ton operation over the next 3 years in Canada and the US.


We hope this report provides a high-level overview of EarthRenew and its near term plans, but it is not intended to be exhaustive. Recognize that we are biased when it comes to EarthRenew. EarthRenew is a sponsor and client of Pinnacle Digest, making us cheerleaders. Conduct your own thorough and independent due diligence to properly understand the risks associated with investing in a speculative company of this nature. A good place to start your due diligence is reviewing the Company’s Sedar filings at www.sedar.com.

EarthRenew Inc. trades on the following exchanges: (CSE: ERTH) (OTCQB: VVIVF) 


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Factors that could cause EarthRenew’s results to differ materially from those expressed in forward-looking statements in this report include, but are not limited to, the following risks and uncertainties: any development activities EarthRenew may conduct which may not produce favourable results; changes in the price of electricity; EarthRenew may not be able to protect intellectual property rights; reliance on third parties for products, supplies and/or services critical to the Company’s operations; the intellectual property of others and any asserted claims of infringement; general business and economic conditions may limit the Company’s ability to obtain necessary capital to carry out all of its business plans; the overall performance of stock markets; volatility in the Company’s stock price; foreign exchange fluctuations; the consequences of competitive factors in the highly competitive industry in which EarthRenew operates may restrict the success of any product or service it is able to commercialize or develop; the impact of viruses and diseases on the Company’s ability to operate; unexpected geological or environmental conditions; actions of competitors and partners; the inherent uncertainties associated with operating as an early stage company; the ability of the Company to generate commercial sales of products; the ability to develop repeatable processes to manufacture its products in sufficient quantities; the immaturity of the organic fertilizer market; the effectiveness of the Company’s products; acceptance of products and services by target markets; the regulatory environment; the corporate governance required for environment and regulatory reporting requirements for EarthRenew and its clients; product capability and acceptance; the Company’s ability to generate sufficient cash flow from operations to meet its current and future obligations; the Company’s ability to scale its operations as expected or as targeted; the potential for issues which could expose the Company to legal liability; the Company may not be able to raise the additional funding required to complete its development plans and to continue to pursue its other business objectives; the Company may not be able to attract or retain key personnel; conflicts of interest; officers and directors allocating their time to other ventures; the willingness of third parties to sign agreements with EarthRenew on terms that are acceptable to management of EarthRenew; management’s ability to manage growth; major changes in the political and economic environment of EarthRenew’s fields of activity; the risks inherent in the lifecycles of products in the agriculture industry; fluctuations in the supply and demand for soil amendments; risks related to the response-time that might be needed in case of totally unexpected events in areas relevant to EarthRenew’s field of activity; the market in which EarthRenew operates may not continue to expand, and potentially even contract; failure to develop and successfully market new products at favourable margins; diseases such as BSE, avian flu or hoof and mouth disease; EarthRenew may not be able to provide a consistent quality of organic fertilizer; dilution and future issuances of equity; loss of key customers; fluctuating availability and costs of inputs; unanticipated problems related to EarthRenew’s business objectives; one or more revenues streams of the Company’s may underperform compared to projections; Replenish Nutrients Ltd. may underperform expectations and projections; the Company may not achieve or maintain standards required to be ESG compliant; the Company’s electricity sales may not reach expectations and even contract compared to historical results; the ENEL-X and/or cryptocurrency mining agreements may not generate substantial or any revenue for the Company; the Company may never reach EBITDA positive; the Company’s redevelopment plan for its Strathmore Plant may not enable it to operate as intended; the Company’s ability to obtain and/or maintain any necessary permits, consents or authorizations required to pursue its business objectives; general business, economic, geopolitical and social uncertainties; the risk of claims and legal actions for various commercial and contractual matters in respect of which insurance is not available; and other risks pertaining to the organic fertilizer and energy industries as well as those factors discussed in the section entitled “Risk Factors” in EarthRenew’s Annual and Quarterly Reports and associated financial statements, Management Information Circulars and other disclosure documents filed with Canadian securities regulators. 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Operating results and the price at which EarthRenew can sell products will be dependent on demand for products. Demand for products will be affected by a number of factors including weather conditions, commodity prices, and government policies. It is likely that the price at which EarthRenew sells its products will fluctuate if there are significant changes in the price and availability of other fertilizer products.

EarthRenew’s technology has not yet been commercialized outside of the Strathmore Plant or in other industries. There can be no assurance that EarthRenew will be able to commercialize this technology or that EarthRenew will be able to enter into licensing, joint ventures or other arrangements to develop other applications for this technology at other locations.


Cautionary Note Regarding Intellectual Property: EarthRenew’s success will depend in part on its ability to maintain or obtain and enforce patent and other intellectual property protection for processes, products and technology, to preserve trade secrets and to operate without infringing upon the proprietary rights of third parties. Setbacks or failures in these areas could negatively affect EarthRenew’s ability to compete and materially and adversely affect its business and financial condition. EarthRenew has obtained patents or filed patent applications in the United States, Canada and internationally and may, in the future, seek additional patents or file additional patent applications. Certain aspects of EarthRenew’s technology are currently protected as trade secrets, for which the Company may or may not file patent applications.

There can be no assurance that EarthRenew’s patents or patent applications will be valid or will issue over prior art, or that patents will issue from the patent applications that have been filed or will be filed. Additionally, there can be no assurances that the scope of any claims granted in any patent will provide the Company with adequate protection for the processes used by the Company currently or in the future. EarthRenew cannot be certain that the creators of EarthRenew’s technology were the first inventors of inventions and processes covered by patents and patent applications or that they were the first to file. Accordingly, there can be no assurance that EarthRenew’s patents will be valid or will afford EarthRenew with protection against competitors with similar technology or processes.


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Maximus Strategic Consulting Inc. and PinnacleDigest.com (including its employees and consultants) are not chartered business valuators; the methods used by business valuators often cannot justify the trading price for most junior stock exchange listed companies, including EarthRenew.

Any decision to purchase or sell as a result of the opinions expressed in this report OR ON PinnacleDigest.com will be the full responsibility of the person authorizing such transaction, and should only be made after such person has consulted a registered financial advisor and conducted thorough due diligence. Information in this report has been obtained from sources considered to be reliable, but we do not guarantee that it is accurate or complete. Our views and opinions regarding the companies we feature on PinnacleDigest.com and in this report are our own views and are based on information that we have received, which we assumed to be reliable. We do not guarantee that any of the companies mentioned in this report (specifically EarthRenew) or on PinnacleDigest.com will perform as we expect, and any comparisons we have made to other companies may not be valid or come into effect.

Maximus Strategic Consulting Inc., owner of PinnacleDigest.com, does not undertake any obligation to publicly update or revise any statements made in this report.

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Trading in the securities of EarthRenew is highly speculative.

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