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    Former NFL Player Turned CEO Leads Plant-based Supplements Company.

    Discover the people behind some of the biggest buyouts in Canadian small caps and companies they run today.
    What’s more, many consumers are turning to plants for their protein and nutritional supplements. And that is where our client, PlantFuel Life Inc. (“PlantFuel” or the “Company”), comes in.
    Good consumer product ideas are plentiful in the startup world; but a good idea isn’t enough on its own. Successful startups are usually products of clinical execution, continual innovation, and management’s ability to deliver in a timely fashion.

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    Fast Food and Winter Tires Only for the Rich…

    Despite inflation slowing, the cost of everything continues to rise. Asa. result, inflation has rattled the political landscape, from South America to Europe. In a recent short, Alex explains the ridiculously high cost of fast food in Canada. Furthermore, he cites a disturbing study showing over 30% of Canadians are

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    The Fed is Winning

    Imagine a high-stakes financial game where the U.S. and Canada, post-pandemic, are still splurging as

    Canadians Are In Trouble

    In January of 2023, inflation began to cool, and Canada’s top banker, Tiff Macklem, boasted

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