Siyata Mobile (SIM:TSXV) outperformed all but one stock in January’s Stock Challenge Monday. After a weak fall period which saw the company’s stock fall to a low of $0.21 per share, Siyata has regained momentum and has more than doubled to a recent high of $0.44 per share.

Siyata Mobile is a developer and provider of innovative cellular communication systems under the Uniden® Cellular brand. The company has three pillars to growth: Truckfone, Voyager and Bagfone.

According to the company,

“VOYAGER is the world’s first integrated and dedicated 3G smartphone for personal and commercial vehicles, vans, trucks and fleets.”



“VOYAGER is the first Machine-to-machine (M2M) phone that provides a driver Connected Car / Truck Smartphone that ensures safer calling, in car APPs and enhanced GPS tracking and navigation while driving, along with built in OBD (On-board diagnostics) and collaboration with Fleet Management and Mobileye FCAT (Forward Crash Avoidance Technology) implementation.”


In a world where being connected is everything and with the advent of the Internet of Things, tracking and on-board diagnostics are critical to shipping businesses, Siyata is finding its niche.


Siyata’s Connected-Vehicle-Devices


Siyata’s “Connected-Vehicle-Devices” are specifically designed for professional fleets, including trucks, vans, buses, emergency service vehicles, government cars and more.

Siyata aims to provide greater mobile connectivity for professional drivers and to facilitate replacement of the aging in-vehicle, multi-device status quo with a single device that incorporates voice, push-to-talk, data, and fleet management solutions.


Siyata Mobile breaks out in January Stock Challenge


Siyata Mobile has risen six out of the past eight trading days in January’s Stock Challenge. Its shares gapped up 15.28% to close at $0.415 per share on heavy volume Monday.

The company announced early Monday that it had received a purchase order for its portfolio of Push-to-Talk Over Cellular devices from an undisclosed mobile operator for $1.8MM CAD. The company reported:

“The purchase order is now the largest single order to date for Siyata’s PoC devices since integrating with Kodiak Push-to-Talk software. The order contains devices from both the Connected-Vehicle and mobile PoC devices, with the operator purchasing both product categories.”

Click here to read the entire press release.

Siyata CEO Marc Seelenfreund commented,

“This order continues to show the aggressive intent for mobile operators to replace two-way radio hardware, where they make no monthly revenue, with devices capable of Push-to-Talk solutions like ours.”

To read the entire quote and press release, visit the company’s website here.


4 Man Race Develops in January Stock Challenge


Pinnacle member ‘rbd‘ is leading all members in January’s Stock Challenge with a 68.47% return. He selected one junior gold stock and one emerging tech stock.

Member ‘atlevan’ is right behind him with a 67.64% return, while ‘Lindylou’ was hanging out in third with a 65.06% return. In 4th place was ‘briantannura’ with a solid 64.47%. It is amazing to see such a close race at this point in the Challenge.

Good luck to all members for the remainder of the month.

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