A new Stock Challenge Champion walks among us… member ‘Barry Pynn!’ Barry Pynn selected Regulus Resources and Kodiak Copper to achieve a stunning return of 237.23% this month, followed closely by second place member ‘traderguy’ (230.95% return) and third place member ‘firefly’ (80.08% return).

If you’ve been following Stock Challenge this month, then you know just how tough it was to place in the Top 3! Congratulations again to our winners; as always, your prizes – which range from silver bullion to Pinnacle Digest apparel – will be sent out shortly!

Champion’s Corner: Regulus Resources

While Barry Pynn’s second pick, Kodiak Copper Corp., performed exceedingly well (the company’s stock soared an unbelievable 466.07% this month), it was Regulus Resources that enabled Barry to claim first place, seeing as how second place member traderguy also picked Kodiak Copper.

Canadian exploration company Regulus Resources hit multiple 52-week highs this month, announcing early on in September it had commenced trading on the OTCQX. Regulus Resources truly was the difference-maker in this contest, given that it rose 61.46% while traderguy’s second pick, Sintana Energy, fell 4.17%.

Well done again, Barry. Your continued faith in Regulus Resources (he picked it in May 2020 as well) was not in vain!

Stock Challenge Index (SCI) Continues to Struggle in September

September, much like August, was a difficult month for many Stock Challengers – only 140 Stock Challengers finished in the green this month, down from 170 last month. The Stock Challenge Index (SCI) closed at –1.71% by the end of this month, a minor improvement over August’s -2%. Needless to say, these past two months have been challenging for Stock Challengers; the TSX Venture (the most heavily weighted exchange in this month’s contest) has fallen almost 5% since the beginning of August.

Stock Challenge Index (SCI) for September 30, 2020

Virtually every exchange in this month’s contest (in terms of stocks selected) was in the red this month. While OTCBB stocks in this month’s contest lost 10.49% on average, CSE stocks gained 3.51% – making the CSE a rare outlier for September.

Exchange Performances as of September 30, 2020

Final Top 10 Leaderboards

Stock Challenge Top 10 Leaderboards for September 30, 2020

The October 2020 Stock Challenge Approaches

With the price of copper rising almost 32% since early April, many are wondering if we are in the midst of a prolonged copper rally. We wouldn’t be surprised to see more copper companies begin popping up in October’s contest, given the phenomenal rise of Kodiak Copper this month!