Stock Challengers, join us in welcoming our newest Stock Challenge Champion: member ‘mjluke4’!

After a close duel with member ‘allan riedlinger’ for much of the month, mjluke4 claimed first place with a phenomenal return of 185.93%, followed behind by second place member ‘wedgy’ (151.75% return) and third place member ‘TravisGallander’ (148.93% return).

Well played, Stock Challengers! Your prize packages (which include silver bullion and/or Pinnacle Digest apparel) will be shipped out shortly.

Champion’s Corner: Aurora Cannabis

With hundreds of contestants competing in Stock Challenge every month, winning first place is no easy task. That said, one contestant always manages to find a golden ticket; for mjluke, that ticket was Aurora Cannabis.

For the month of November, Aurora Cannabis skyrocketed 183.46% from C$5.38 to C$15.25. Its rise, however, was not without some trepidation…

On November 10 – a day after Aurora’s stock price rose to a high of C$18.71 – the company announced a proposed public offering. Aurora’s stock subsequently collapsed and traded sideways around C$9.00 (the exercise price of the warrants from the proposed offering) until November 25, when Aurora announced it had entered into a strategic supply agreement with Israeli cannabis enterprise Cantek Holdings.

Via Aurora Cannabis,

“Under the terms of the Agreement, Aurora will supply Cantek with dried bulk flower over a two-year period, with the option to extend. The Company intends to provide Cantek with a minimum of 4,000 kgs of bulk dried flower annually, which will be processed into finished product, and co-branded under the Aurora and Cantek brand names for the Israeli market with the potential for additional international market sales. . .”

Congratulations again, mjluke! Take good care of your hard-earned silver bullion and Pinnacle Digest merch…

Stock Challenge Index (SCI) Rebounds Strong in November

Despite the fact that the gold sector was hit hard this month (the price of gold fell 5.36% from US$1,878.67 to US$1,778.05 during November), the SCI showed surprising resilience.

After dipping as low as 3.53%, the index rebounded to 10.32% by the end of the month. Moreover, roughly 32% of stocks picked this month were in the red, a dramatic improvement over last month’s 65%!

stock challenge index sci as of november 30 2020

Contestants picked 181 stocks from the NASDAQ and NYSE combined this month. The average return of the stocks picked from the NASDAQ was 25.07% and a nearly as impressive 22.45% from NYSE stocks.

stock challenge exchange performances as of november 30 2020

Final Top 10 Leaderboards

stock challenge exchange performances as of november 30 2020

Stock Challengers Go for Gold in December

With a one ounce gold maple leaf coin (approximate value CAD$2,500) on the line in December’s contest for first place, we’re bound to see Stock Challengers pull out all the stops next month! And, the legacy prizes of silver bullion and Pinnacle Digest swag are still up for grabs as well…

P.S. You now have less than 5 hours to sign up for December’s Stock Challenge if you haven’t already. Don’t miss out on the biggest Stock Challenge of the year – click here to sign up for free now!