After a brutal January, it looks like the market is starting to show some love to investors this month.

Only once so far this month has the Stock Challenge Index (SCI) ventured below zero (and just marginally). Additionally, save for the NYSE, all the exchanges represented in February’s contest are averaging positive returns.

The Stock Challenge Index

Exchange Performance

Stock Challenge Exchange performance table

Despite the SCI’s February run, individual stock returns haven’t been spectacular this month. Unlike what we’re used to seeing in Stock Challenge, the average yield of the top 5 performing stocks so far is approximately 45.49% – hardly impressive when compared to last month’s 115.34% or even 122.19% from December last year.

Top 10 Performing Stocks

Top performing stocks - Feb

Mineral resource stocks continue to shine above all else. Eight of the top 10 performing stocks belong to mineral exploration companies; and nine of the top 10 players to date selected at least one junior mining stock.

Top 10 Leaderboard

top 10 leaderboard - stock challenge

2022’s commodity run keeps getting hotter and hotter. And, with inflation levels marching upwards, the commodity rally could go on for a while. Check out the S&P GSCI Commodity Index chart below. The index has increased nearly 18% since the beginning of 2022.

S&P GSCI Commodity Index

S&P GSCI Commodity index chart
Source: Trading Economics

Theralase Technologies, a Toronto-based laser-tech healthcare company, is this month’s most popular stock with 12 picks. So far the company’s stock has generated mild but competitive returns, enough to send two contestants into the top 10.

Best of luck for the remainder of the month! Don’t forget to enter your March selections NOW. While there’s still plenty of time, we’d hate to see you miss out on a chance at winning silver bullion and Pinnacle Digest swag.