Landing at the Seattle airport, I didn’t really know what to expect. A colleague of mine had told me there was an interesting wearable technology he had tried that could both increase your attentiveness, like a cup of coffee, and also help put you to sleep, akin to what melatonin would do…

It sounded bizarre and a bit sensational, but I was intrigued and had to try it for myself.

So there I was, sitting in a boardroom in Seattle, with this halo-shaped device around my head. The Company’s chairman showed me how to turn it on and select the ‘signal’ I’d like to experience. So I did, and then waited… still skeptical about feeling anything.

I had selected a signal that was supposed to help me feel relaxed. Five minutes went by, nothing. Then 10 minutes, still didn’t feel anything… 15 to 20 minutes went by, sitting there awkwardly waiting, and then I began to feel somewhat heavy and chilled-out, comparable to how I feel coming out of a steam shower (without the moisture, of course). It was subtle. I was clear-headed, but relaxed. And it’s not an easy task to feel calm and soothed when you’re sitting across from a few strangers in a boardroom.

I still had a lot of questions, but at that moment, I became a believer in the potential this could have in the consumer marketplace. Shortly thereafter, I began working with the Company.

I learned from my hosts that the science behind the wearable technology I had just tried is based on emulating the biological activity of a broad range of molecules by using magnetically induced effects. The technology is known as ulRFE® (ultra low radio frequency energy) signals. Might sound crazy, I know, but bear with me…

Magnetism is a fundamental part of life. Electromagnetic fields can be found everywhere in our environment. From the Earth’s crust to submarines and substances, many things create unique electromagnetic fields. Today, they’re used for magnetic resonance imaging, to speed bone fracture repair, increase the rate of wound healing, decrease pain, and for several other human interventions.

The technology I ‘test drove’ in Seattle has since been commercialized utilizing a wearable.

The Company With This Novel Wellness Product is Hapbee Technologies (HAPB:TSXV)

hapbee technologies

Hapbee Technologies, Inc. (the “Company” or “Hapbee”) has adapted this technology for non-medical, recreational use by consumers to produce sensations anticipated to be helpful in everyday life.

The electromagnetic signals are designed to emulate the effects of compounds like caffeine, nicotine and melatonin, to name a few. The signals are digitally transmitted through the Company’s first product, known as the Hapbee Neckband, to deliver desired sensations without the side-effects or dependencies that might otherwise result from the ingestion of these substances.

Hapbee Neckband

Within roughly a year of commercializing the Hapbee Neckband, last summer, the Company announced that its user base logged over a million hours of product usage, with sleep/rest signals being among the most popular.

In my case, the Hapbee Neckband is a productivity tool when doing several hours of computer work, and it provides a boost when I exercise. The ‘Afternoon Slump’ blend (a blend is a combination of signals) is by far my favourite.

Check out the Company’s Blendpedia here to see the range of blends.

I don’t want to go into the weeds too deep on the science behind the tech as there is a fair amount of literature online — I’ll provide links at the bottom — but it’s worth noting that it has been worked on for more than a decade and millions of dollars in capital have been invested getting to the current stage…

Hapbee acquired exclusive global licenses (“License Agreements”)* to adapt the aforementioned ulRFE technology from EMulate Therapeutics, Inc. (“EMulate”), a disruptive therapeutics technology company.

*Readers should review the License Agreements in their entirety for further details. The License Agreements have been filed under the Company’s SEDAR profile and are available at

The ulRFE technology, which EMulate has invested approximately US$70 million in developing over the past 15 years, is backed by 32 patents that relate to Hapbee. Specifically, Hapbee has exclusive global licenses for the non-medical use of the technology in its consumer product.

Targeting the Wellness Market

Broadly speaking, Hapbee has its sights squarely focused on the wellness market, a trillion-dollar plus industry that continues to grow at an impressive clip. In January, the Company reported,

“Extensive customer usage data and feedback indicate that Habpee’s growing base of subscribers is making Hapbee wearables a core part of their wellness routines, helping people experience better sleep, deeper relaxation, sharper focus and more creative energy.”

Click here to read the full press release.

Furthermore, CEO Yona Shtern stated in Hapbee’s shareholder letter from December,

“Our efforts have resulted in over 6,000 Hapbee devices shipped as of December 2021 – with a growing number of customers opting for our all-access subscription option. But I want to stress: it’s still early days for Hapbee, and the direction we plan to take our Company…”

The Company first shipped the Hapbee Neckband to consumers in 2020, largely to fulfil orders placed from its successful Indiegogo campaign.

To date, Hapbee’s sales and marketing has been driven primarily through D2C channels, but they have plans to broaden that significantly. This year, the Company intends to establish a multi-pronged marketing, distribution and development strategy, including:

  • Partnering with leading brand ambassadors
  • Expanding its distribution through 3rd party dealers – both online and retail
  • Extending its product portfolio
  • Releasing new lifestyle blends to meet a broader range of needs
  • Expanding the delivery of the Company’s products globally
  • Optimizing and scaling its e-commerce marketing

In a press release from last month, Hapbee announced,

“…that the Company sold a quarterly record 1,751 Hapbee Neckbands in Q4 2021 alone…”

The Hapbee Neckband isn’t a cheap product, regular priced at US$399, and offering a monthly all-access subscription option at a fee of US$19 (after a trial period) to have unlimited access to all signals/blends.

Traction & Product Pipeline

About a year ago, Hapbee announced it was collaborating with two non-profit veterans support organizations, Grey Team and The Mission After, to collect data with respect to users’ perception of the impact of Hapbee signals on their stress and productivity levels.

Following up on that release, last week, Hapbee announced that it had been selected as an integral and essential part of Grey Team’s next-gen wellness solution for military veterans. The videos below contain feedback and testimonials from some veterans and those involved in the program.

Grey Team Testimonials

The Mission After Testimonial with Dr. Kyle Bergquist


Click here to read the full press release.

Potentially hundreds of different sensations can be produced using the patented ulRFE technology. As a Hapbee Neckband user, I’ve witnessed the Company deploy new signals to their app and it was virtually seamless from a UX (user experience) point of view — requiring a quick update through the smartphone app.

hapbee app

Adding to its product pipeline, Hapbee announced that it is developing two sleep-related products anticipated to be released later in the year. The Company showcased proof-of-concept prototypes for its ‘Sleepbee Sleep Mask’ and ‘Sleepbee Mattress Topper’ at CES in Las Vegas this past January.

Sleepbee Mattress Topper
Note: The image above depicts a prototype of the Sleepbee Mattress Topper only. The final design and iteration of the product is subject to change.


hapbee app
Note: The image above depicts a prototype of the Sleepbee Sleep Mask only. The final design and iteration of the product is subject to change.

Sleep-related blends have been among the most popular use-cases for the Hapbee Neckband. The problem is, in my opinion, the Hapbee Neckband is not an ideal form factor for sleeping, which is why the Company is developing these two new products intended to directly service the sleep aids market.

According to Market Data Forecast, the global sleep aids market alone is projected to grow to US$97.31 billion in 2026 from US$71.63 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate of 6.32%.

Hapbee anticipates the commercial launch of the Sleepbee Sleep Mask and Sleepbee Mattress Topper will be in Q3 and Q4 2022, respectively.

Before I finish…

I hope this report provides a high-level overview of Hapbee and its near term plans, but it is not intended to be exhaustive. Conduct your own thorough and independent due diligence to properly understand the risks associated with investing in a speculative technology company of this nature. A good place to start your due diligence is reviewing the Company’s Sedar filings at Hapbee is a client and sponsor of Pinnacle Digest, which is owned by my company. Both my company and I own securities of Hapbee. Additionally, I do paid consulting work for Hapbee. As a result, I am obviously biased. Consider me a cheerleader for the Company.

In January, Hapbee closed the 2nd tranche of its equity financing for a total of just over CAD$7.6 million. Units in the financing were priced at CAD$0.30, and they included a share and a warrant exercisable at CAD$0.50. The Company’s stock last traded at CAD$0.29, right around where it was most recently financed. Its 52 week high is CAD$0.85 and its 52 week low is CAD$0.235.

Hapbee 1 year Stock Chart (HAPB:TSXV)hapbee stock chartSource: Quotemedia (HAPB:TSXV)

Hapbee is well financed to execute on its growth strategy for 2022. And since that financing there have been several noteworthy announcements, some of which include:


Taking a startup tech company like Hapbee and transforming it into a growth company isn’t a guarantee, and it will not be easy. It never is. I’ve spent much of my career working with startups and very few management teams can cut the mustard. Having said that, members of Hapbee’s leadership team have been in similar situations before. I urge you to look at some of their past professional experiences below, beginning with the Company’s Chairman and CEO, Yona Shtern.

I hope you enjoy our exclusive video on Hapbee.


All the best with your investments,


Aaron Hoddinott,


Important Links

SEDAR Filings
The Science of Hapbee
Overview of Effects of Magnetic Fields Created by ulRFE
Watch Hapbee’s Brian Mogen, Ph.D Discuss Hapbee Smart Wearable on Ask Dr. Drew
Company Website

Members of Hapbee’s Leadership Team


yona shternYona Shtern (Chairman and CEO): Yona served as Executive Chairman and CEO of Chicago-based Arrive. He helped the seven-year-old technology company pivot from a transactional B2C website into an industry-leading, mobile-first, enterprise SaaS platform. In 2015, Yona was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Start Up Canada.



jordan nevilleJordan Neville (Customer Growth & Retention): Jordan has built a 10-year career in sales leadership roles and entrepreneurship. He served as the Director of Sales at Peloton for five years. During his tenure at Peloton, Jordan oversaw Peloton’s sales growth from one bike a week to over 10,000 bikes per day and achieved a 97% retention rate in monthly subscriptions.




Iggy RodriguezIggy Rodriguez (VP, Business Developments & Partnerships): Iggy has a 12-year track record of fostering key client relationships and executing effective marketing campaigns in a number of fields. Iggy entered the health and wellness space as the Head of Global Partnerships at Therabody, curating deals with some of the world’s largest brands, teams and influencers. He started his career in sponsorships with the Los Angeles Dodgers and was the Director of Advertising and Partnerships for the Detroit Pistons.



Chris RiveraChris Rivera (Director): Chris is the CEO and Chairman of EMulate. He brings more than 30 years of experience in the biotechnology industry. He was the Founder and CEO of Hyperion Therapeutics, which was acquired by Horizon Pharma in 2015, the Senior Vice President and head of Commercial Operations at both Tercica, where he led the cross-licensing transaction between Tercica and Ipsen, and Genzyme Therapeutics, where he built and ran Genzyme’s US renal Commercial Operations. He also helped launch Genzyme’s renal division globally. Chris has also been recognized as a state and national leader through his appointments as co-Chair for the Governor’s life science and global health advisory committee, the Washington Global Health Funding Commission, and Chairman, for the national Council of State Bioscience Associations.

Hapbee’s Corporate Presentation

Hapbee Technologies Corporate Presentation

Disclosure, Compensation, Risks Involved and Forward-Looking Statements:

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All statements in this report are to be checked and verified by the reader. This report may contain technical or other inaccuracies, omissions, or errors, for which Maximus Strategic Consulting Inc., owner and operator of, assumes no responsibility.

Hapbee Technologies, Inc. (“Hapbee” or the “Company”) is a client and sponsor of (“Pinnacle Digest” or “Maximus Strategic Consulting Inc.” or “we” or “us” or “Aaron Hoddinott” or “Alexander Smith”). authored and published this report. We cannot warrant the information contained in this report to be exhaustive, complete or sufficient. This report does not purport to contain all the information that may be necessary or desirable to fully and accurately evaluate an investment in Hapbee. Because we are paid by Hapbee, and therefore we are not independent reporters, our coverage of Hapbee features many of its positive aspects, and not the potential risks to its business or to investing in its stock. In addition, we are subject to additional conflicts as a result of certain relationships, compensation and securities ownership, as discussed below.

Important: Our disclosure for this report on Hapbee Technologies, Inc. applies to the date this report was posted on our website (March 27, 2022). This disclaimer will never be updated, even if we buy or sell shares of Hapbee Technologies, Inc.

Do Your Own Due Diligence: An investment in securities of Hapbee should only be considered by persons who can afford a significant or total loss of their investment. The value of the Company’s securities have experienced significant fluctuations in the past. Volatility in Hapbee’s share price may continue due to many factors, some of which could include operating performance, performance relative to estimates, disposition or acquisition by a large shareholder, a lawsuit against Hapbee, the loss or acquisition of a significant customer or business, regulatory changes, industry-wide factors, and general market trends. The Company’s shares are thinly traded, and there can be no assurance that an active trading market for Hapbee’s shares will be established and/or sustained.

In all cases, interested parties should conduct their own investigation and analysis of Hapbee, its assets and the information provided in this report. Readers should refer to Hapbee’s public disclosure documents found on the SEDAR website ( under the Company’s issuer profile before considering investing in the Company. The public disclosure documents will help investors understand Hapbee’s objectives and the risks associated with the Company.

The securities of Hapbee are highly speculative due in part to the nature of the Company’s plans/objectives, its early stage of business development and limited operating history, the highly competitive industry it operates in, and the fact that the Company has negative operating cash flow. Hapbee is therefore subject to many of the risks common to early-stage enterprises, including under-capitalization, cash shortages, limitations with respect to personnel, financial, and other resources, and lack of revenue.

The Company has limited financial resources, and no assurances that sufficient funding, including adequate financing, will be available to advance its objectives. If Hapbee’s generative commercialization and development programs are successful, additional funds will be required for development of one or more initiatives. The Company may seek such additional financing through debt or equity offerings. Any equity offering will result in dilution to the ownership interests of Hapbee’s shareholders and may result in dilution to the value of such interests. Failure to obtain additional financing could result in the delay or indefinite postponement of further business development.

There can be no certainty that Hapbee will be able to successfully implement the objectives and strategies described in this report. A prospective investor should carefully consider the risk factors set out in this disclosure statement and outlined in Hapbee’s annual and quarterly Management’s Discussion and Analysis, and in other filings made by Hapbee with Canadian securities regulatory authorities available at under the Company’s issuer profile.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Information:
This report contains “forward-looking information” within the meaning of Canadian securities legislation (collectively, “forward-looking statements”). All statements, other than statements of historical fact, that address activities, events or developments that Hapbee or believes, expects or anticipates will or may occur in the future are forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements also include, but are not limited to, statements regarding: the future financial position, business strategy and objectives, potential acquisitions and partnerships, budgets, projected costs, and plans of or involving Hapbee; the likelihood that we’re entering a new era of tech wearables that could improve how we function and feel; the Company’s ability to grow its user base and overall business; consumer preferences; Hapbee being in a growth phase; market forecasts and predictions; potential form factors for Hapbee products; potential sublicensing opportunities for Hapbee; Hapbee and its products being able to help consumers with their well-being; Hapbee’s future product offerings, including signals and blends; the expected timing and completion of Hapbee’s near-term and long-term objectives, including revenue and volume targets; the regulatory environment; potential growth catalysts for the Company; Hapbee’s ability to scale production and the reliability of its supply chain; the efficacy and potential benefits of Hapbee’s product offerings; the level of interest among consumers regarding wearable technology; the Company being able to attract and retain key personnel; the impact of competition; future changes and trends in Hapbee’s industry or the global economy; the Company being able to achieve and sustain profitability, and other estimates or expectations.

Often, but not always, these forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as “expects”, “expected”, “budgeted”, “targets”, “forecasts”, “intends”, “anticipates”, “scheduled”, “estimates”, “aims”, “will”, “believes”, “projects”, “could”, “would”, and similar expressions (including negative variations) which by their nature refer to future events.

By their very nature, forward-looking statements are subject to numerous risks and uncertainties, some of which are beyond Hapbee’s control. These statements should not be read as guarantees of future performance or results because a number of assumptions and estimates have been made, and they may prove to be incorrect. Forward-looking statements are based on the opinions and estimates of Hapbee’s management or at the date the statements are made. In this report, assumptions and estimates may have been made regarding, among other things, future demand for the Company’s offerings; Hapbee being able to fund its development plans; Hapbee being able to secure future financing to meet its growth targets; Hapbee successfully completing its development and growth plans, and doing so on schedule; Hapbee’s ability to scale its operations; economic conditions in the United States and Canada continuing to show modest improvement in the near to medium future; no material changes to the tax and other regulatory requirements governing the Company; the competitive environment; the ability to maintain or accurately forecast revenue from the Company’s proposed products; the Company being able to identify, hire, train, motivate, and retain qualified personnel; the ability of the Company to develop, introduce, and implement new offerings as well as enhancements or improvements for existing offerings; risks associated with operations; Hapbee’s ability to carry on current and future operations; the Company being able to develop distribution channels and a larger user base; the accuracy and reliability of estimates, projections, forecasts, studies and assessments; the current and future social, economic and political conditions; currency exchange rates; capital costs; length of time a user needs to use the Hapbee product before feeling its effect; milestones that would indicate success for the company; the future size of the markets that Hapbee intends to service, and other assumptions and factors generally associated with the wearable technology and wellness industries. We caution all readers that the foregoing list of assumptions and estimates is not exhaustive.

Forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that may cause the actual results of Hapbee to differ materially from those discussed in the forward-looking statements in this report and, even if such actual results are realized or substantially realized, there can be no assurance that they will have the expected consequences to, or effects on, Hapbee. Factors that could cause Hapbee’s results to differ materially from those expressed in forward-looking statements in this report include, but are not limited to, the following risks and uncertainties: any development activities Hapbee may conduct which may not produce favourable results; failure to meet projections made by the Company; changes in consumer preferences, demand and perceptions; the Company’s business is substantially dependent on the license agreements it has with EMulate Therapeutics, Inc.; a lack of brand awareness and failure to increase brand awareness; reliance on third parties for products, packaging, supplies, app development, and/or services critical to the Company’s operations; general business and economic conditions may limit the Company’s ability to obtain necessary capital to carry out all of its business plans; the overall performance of stock markets; changes to contracts; the Company may not have adequate liability insurance coverage; volatility in the Company’s stock price; foreign exchange fluctuations; the consequences of competitive factors in the industries in which Hapbee operates may restrict the success of any offering the Company is able to commercialize or develop; increased competition by larger and better financed competitors; failure to effectively expand the Company’s sales and marketing capabilities; if the Company fails to meet the expectations of investors or securities analysts its stock price could decline; the impact of viruses and diseases on the Company’s ability to operate; the inherent uncertainties associated with operating as an early stage company; decrease in subscription renewal rates; the Company’s limited operating history and lack of historical revenue; dependence on obtaining and maintaining regulatory approvals; developments and changes in applicable laws and regulations, including increased regulation of the Company’s industries and the capital markets; regulatory requirements could be placed on the Company’s products and services, which could increase costs, delay or prevent the introduction of new products and services, and impair the function or value of Hapbee’s existing products and services; failure to retain, secure and maintain key personnel and strategic partnerships including but not limited to executives, researchers, customers and suppliers; interest rate volatility; a decline in market sentiment; significant inflation or deflation; negative operating cash flow; increased costs of being a publicly traded company; the effectiveness of the Company’s products; privacy breaches or network outages; failure to reach profitability in the future; the Company’s ability to scale its operations as expected; the potential for issues which could expose the Company to legal liability that may harm its business or reputation; the Company may not be able to raise the additional funding required to complete its development plans and to continue to pursue its other business objectives; conflicts of interest; officers and directors allocating their time to other ventures; the willingness of third parties to sign agreements with Hapbee on terms that are acceptable to management of Hapbee; management’s ability to manage growth; major changes in the political and economic environment of Hapbee’s fields of activity; product recalls or discontinuance of products; real or perceived errors, failures, vulnerabilities, or bugs in Hapbee products; risks related to the response time that might be needed in case of totally unexpected events in areas relevant to Hapbee’s field of activity; research and development delays; failure to develop and successfully market new offerings at favourable margins, or at all; intellectual property risks, including the intellectual property of others and any asserted claims of infringement; liquidity, dilution and future issuances of equity; general business, economic, geopolitical and social uncertainties, and other risks pertaining to the consumer technology and wellness industries as well as those factors discussed in the section entitled “Risk Factors” in Hapbee’s annual and quarterly reports and associated financial statements, management information circulars, and other disclosure documents filed with Canadian securities regulators. The Company’s filings can be found on the SEDAR website ( under Hapbee’s issuer profile.

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Hapbee is a Very Risky Investment: Hapbee is an early stage company operating in an evolving industry with substantial competition and potential challenges. Hapbee poses a much higher risk to investors than established companies. It is not an appropriate investment for most investors. When investing in speculative stocks of this nature, it is possible to lose your entire investment over time or even quickly.

Licensing Agreement with EMulate Therapeutics, Inc.: Hapbee has entered into multiple license agreements with EMulate Therapeutics, Inc. (“EMulate”) that grants the Company certain exclusive rights and licenses to develop, use, import, and commercialize digital consumer products using EMulate’s technology. As a result, Hapbee’s business is dependent on EMulate and the license agreements. Therefore, changes in the business, financial position, and operations of EMulate could have a material adverse effect on Hapbee’s business, financial condition and results of operations. Furthermore, EMulate has a significant influence and control over the Company’s business and operations due to EMulate’s ownership of multiple voting shares. A breach or termination of the license agreements would damage the Company’s brand and harm its business. Viewers should review the license agreements in their entirety for further details. The license agreements have been filed under Hapbee’s SEDAR profile, which are available at

Negative Operating Cash Flow: Since inception, Hapbee has had negative operating cash flow and incurred losses. The Company’s negative operating cash flow and losses are expected to continue for the foreseeable future. We cannot predict when Hapbee will reach positive operating cash flow, if ever. Due to the expected continuation of negative operating cash flow, the Company will likely be reliant on future financings in order to meet its cash needs. There is no assurance that such future financings will be available on acceptable terms or at all. If the Company sustains losses over an extended period of time, it may be unable to continue its business.

Hapbee’s quarterly and annual billings, revenue and results of operations have fluctuated significantly in the past and may vary significantly in the future due to a variety of factors, many of which are outside of the Company’s control. Hapbee’s financial results in any one quarter should not be relied upon as indicative of future performance. The Company may not be able to accurately predict its future billings, revenue or results of operations.’s past performance is not indicative of future results and should not be used as a reason to purchase any security mentioned in this report or on our website.

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