It’s been a low-key month for Stock Challenge, so far. Seven of the top 10 players are reporting average returns under 20%. Counting only the stocks selected for December’s contest, all exchanges represented this month are down – particularly the TSXV and CSE. And, the Stock Challenge Index has spent all of December below sea level.

Stock Challenge Index

There’s one player who probably wishes today was the final day of this month’s contest. Off the back of recent acquisition news, member Lubie1953’s pick, Engage Mobility’s share price, popped ~455% in one day! Lubie1953 is now sitting pretty in first place with roughly 150% average return, head and shoulders above current second place, who’s showing ~48% yield so far.

Remember, exclusively for this month, the winner takes home a one ounce gold maple leaf coin.

Top 10 Leaderboard

Top Performing Stocks in December’s Stock Challenge

All top 3 performing stocks so far belong to tech companies. One of them, Acceleware, is a Calgary-based clean-tech company that supports the oil and gas industry with its heavy oil recovery technology. Mining stocks are giving a good showing this month as well. Four out of the top 10 stocks belong to mineral (mostly gold) exploration companies.

One notable absence from the top performers are crypto stocks. Crypto stocks selected this month are struggling. None of them have reported gains of any kind, and the average return so far for all 14 selected cryptos is approximately -25%. So, volatility is still emblematic of the crypto space, yet more crypto bulls keep popping up.

We’re now in the last stretch of the battle for gold. And as Stock Challenge vets know, anything’s possible in this game. Can anyone catch Lubie1953 in this gold medal race? We’ll see what the markets say right before the new year kicks off…

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