Once again, Stock Challengers are off to the races! Member ‘mackwheaton’ is currently in first place, blowing away the competition with a massive return of 404.09% (his second pick, Forwardly, is up 513.9% alone!). While mackwheaton’s return thus far is certainly impressive, his closest competitors have admirable returns of their own; member ‘Fund Time’ is in second place with a return of 153.85% while member ‘uniword’ is in third with a return of 130.48%.

Forwardly Breaks Out While CLHI Breaks Down

Forwardly (this month’s best performing stock) had one of the biggest stock breakouts of the day, soaring 59% from US$0.50 to US$0.80. Unfortunately, Clst Holdings had one of the biggest stock breakdowns of the day, plummeting 64.5% from US$2.00 to US$0.71.

Currently, every exchange featured in this month’s contest (in terms of stocks selected in the contest) is in the green, with the OTCBB performing the best with an average return of 24.98%.

Exchange Performances Chart and Stock Challenge Index (SCI) as of February 5, 2021

exchange performances chart as of february 5, 2021

stock challenge index (sci) as of february 5, 2021

Smallcap Stocks Could Dominate February 2021 Stock Challenge

With the TSX Venture on fire this month, we can’t wait to see what kind of small and micro-cap stocks capture investor attention and rise to the top of Stock Challenge. Best of luck this month Stock Challengers, we’ll be rooting for you!