Stock Challengers, join us in congratulating member ‘zeek’, our June 2020 Stock Challenge Champion! Zeek doubled down on NexTech AR Solutions to finish the month with an exceptional return of 140.58%, becoming the first contestant to win Stock Challenge 3.0 by picking dual-listed symbols! Runners-up include second place member ‘robert bowling’ (115.10%) and third place member ‘Deal Doing’ (99.67%), both Stock Challenge veterans in their own right.

Congratulations again to our winners this month! Your hard-earned silver and Pinnacle Digest swag will be sent out shortly. Now, let’s review how this month’s Challenge played out…

Champion’s Corner: NexTech AR Solutions

In order to secure his big win, zeek picked the U.S. and Canadian symbols for Nextech AR Solutions, an emerging leader in augmented reality for eCommerce, AR learning applications, and virtual events. Although zeek performed commendably last month by doubling down on Nextech AR Solutions, it looks like the second time was the charm!

NexTech AR’s stock meandered for most of June before gaining momentum on June 22, 2020 — the day the company announced it had signed a one year contract to provide its InfernoAR Virtual Events video conferencing platform services to Real Asset Media. Throughout the course of the month, NexTech AR soared approximately 139.34% from C$2.11 to C$5.05.

Via NexTech AR,

Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech comments, “We are delighted to work with Real Asset Media to help them create a one-of-a-kind immersive experience by using InfernoAR, the world’s most advanced Augmented Reality and Video Learning Experience Platform for Events.”  He continues, “We see surging demand for our services across a wide spectrum of use cases including governments, universities, sports teams, corporations, religious institutions, and more as a paradigm shift to ‘video being the new voice’ and a virtual world takes hold, creating a new and urgent demand for our services globally.”

Well done, zeek — while it’s always risky to go “all in” on a stock in Stock Challenge, this time it paid off! 

Stock Challenge Index Soars in June 2020

Following a strong month in May, the Stock Challenge Index (SCI) continued to rise this month, closing at a month-high of 9.41%. June 2020’s performance was far better than June 2019’s, when the SCI only grew 2.38%.

June 2020 Stock Challenge Index (SCI) Chart

The most heavily weighted exchange in this month’s contest, the TSX Venture, rose 11.60% — closely mirroring the actual TSX Venture Index, which gained approximately 12% in June. Every exchange featured in this Stock Challenge was in the green, except for the American Stock Exchange.

June 2020 Stock Challenge Exchange Performances Charts

July 2020 Stock Challenge Begins in 1 Day!

With June’s Top 5 finishers all nearing triple-digit returns, this may have been one of the best conclusions to a Stock Challenge yet! And momentum could continue in July’s Stock Challenge if the past two contests are any indication… If you haven’t signed up for the July 2020 Stock Challenge Stock yet, you only have roughly 3 hours left to do so! You can register your stock picks for next month’s Stock Challenge here. 

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