Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new Stock Challenge Champion in town: member ‘wooloomooloo’! Wooloomooloo (who is also ironically the winner of the January 2020 Stock Challenge) outdid himself this year with a jaw dropping return of 386.48% after picking Naked Brands Group. This victory has catapulted wooloomooloo to the #1 spot on the All Time Stock Challenge Champs leaderboard, just ahead of veteran Stock Challenger ‘rainendown’!

The runners up to wooloomooloo include second place member ‘Philip Yao’ (233.90% return) and third place member ‘gogoyankee’ (161.51% return). A round of applause for all three of you – you performed exceptionally well! Rest assured that your prizes, which include silver bullion and/or Pinnacle Digest merchandise, will be shipped out shortly.

Champion’s Corner: Naked Brands Group

In the end, cryptocurrency companies didn’t turn out to be the kingmakers we were expecting this month (Bitcoin fell approximately 10% from its high over the course of January); instead, it was mostly biotechnology companies that took contestants to the Top 10.

However, this month’s best performing stock (and the key to wooloomooloo’s victory) wasn’t in the biotech or cryptocurrency space – it was an intimate, apparel, and swimwear company known as Naked Brands Group.

Congratulations again wooloomooloo on your pick of Naked Brands Group, which led you to an incredible second victory in January!

Stock Challenge Index (SCI) Stays Steady in January

Despite dropping from 11.41% to 5.76% near the halfway mark this month, the SCI managed to rebound as high as 13.24% before closing lower at 8.28%. The SCI’s performance this month is almost identical to last January when the index closed at 8.57%!

stock challenge index as of january 29, 2021

Contestants picked 169 stocks from the TSX Venture this month, up from 144 last month. The average return of the stocks picked from the TSXV was 7.85%, a severe decline from last month’s 26.38%.
stock challenge exchange performance charts as of january 29, 2021

Final Top 10 Leaderboards

stock challenge top 10 leaderboards as of january 29, 2021

2021 is Off to a Hot Start

We’re just one month into the year and we’ve already seen some of the most volatile trades in financial history (we’re looking at you, GameStop). If the rest of 2021 is anything like January, strap in – there shouldn’t be any shortage of volatility trades for retail investors. Just be careful.

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