Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new Stock Challenge Champion in our midst: member ‘Terry Bramhall!’ Terry Bramhall – a veteran Stock Challenger – capitalized on his pick of Cloudmd Software & Services to claim first place this month (70.27% return). Hot on his tail were two newcomers to Stock Challenge – members ‘BrianReingold’ (60.36% return) and ‘SandyAdams-Gandera’ (57.69% return).

Congratulations to our Top 3 winners and a warm welcome to BrianReingold and SandyAdams-Gandera! The two of you had great performances this month considering it was your first contest.

Champion’s Corner: Cloudmd Software & Services Inc.

Although Terry Bramhall’s first pick, Rokmaster Resources Corp. performed well (the company’s stock gained 24.59% this month), it was his second pick – Cloudmd Software & Services – that sealed his victory.

Cloudmd, which describes itself as a telehealth company revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare to patients, just announced its financial results for Q2 2020 today. Investors seemed to be pleased with the results – the company’s share price rose another C$0.13, or 9.56%, on the news.

Well done, Terry! With only 170 Stock Challengers finishing in the green this month, you managed to find opportunity where others couldn’t – the hallmark sign of a Stock Challenge Champion.

Stock Challenge Index (SCI) Slumps in August 2020

Overall, August was a rocky month for Stock Challenge. The Stock Challenge Index (SCI) spiked as high as 5.13% before closing just above -2% by the end of August. The volatility seen in this month’s SCI isn’t exactly surprising, considering that the TSX Venture – the most heavily weighted exchange in August’s challenge in terms of stocks picked – had its own fair share of volatility. This month, the TSX Venture spiked as high as 761.84 and dipped as low as 714.23 before closing at 751.13 today.

august 2020 final stock challenge index chart

Most exchanges were in the red this month, and those that were in the green were only up marginally. The NYSE was this contest’s best-performing exchange.

august 2020 final stock challenge exchanges chart

Final Top 10 Leaderboards

august 2020 stock challenge final top 10 leaderboards

Let the September 2020 Stock Challenge Games Begin!

If gold manages to break out and stay above US$2,000 this month, we could have one heck of a contest on our hands… In the meantime, we’ll be here every step of the way – waiting for the next Stock Challenge Champion!