There are only two trading days left in the July 2019 Stock Challenge, and the stakes have never been higher…

Our first place member ‘bob4001’ is just 0.51% ahead of second place member ‘Brian Crich’, while third place member ‘turtle_named_Mack’ is only 6.08% behind Brian Crich!

The Top 3 is one hell of a close race right now, to say the least. The finest of changes could drastically alter the course of this month’s Top 3.

But the race is tightening even outside of the Top 3. Fourth and fifth place members ‘iram53’ and ‘Wreak Havoc’—both first place contenders at one point or another this month—boast huge returns of 42.71% and 42.63%, respectively. If anyone is capable of closing the gap and getting into the Top 3, it’s definitely these two.

Garibaldi Resources Corp. Soars As St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp. Falls

Stock Breakout: Garibaldi Resources Corp.

Garibaldi Resources Corp., today’s biggest stock breakout, jumped 16.18% from C$1.36 to C$1.58. Earlier last month, the company announced that it was commencing its 2019 drilling program at its nickel-copper-rich massive sulphide discovery at Nickel Mountain.

Via Garibaldi Resources Corp.,

Steve Regoci, President and CEO [of Garibaldi Resources Corp], commented: ‘This is shaping up to be an extraordinary summer of activity in the Eskay Camp. Garibaldi looks forward to leading the charge with new discoveries at the E&L and along the Nickel Mountain trend where the Gabbroic Complex is now known to extend for at least 12 km.

Stock Breakdown: St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp.

St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp., a company focused on developing new technologies to solve some of the most common environmental problems in the mining industry, was one of the biggest stock breakdowns of the day.

The company fell 13.64% from C$0.11 to C$0.10, announcing last week that it had “received the Independent Review of its Phase I report titled ‘Bonnie Claire Metallurgical Evaluation and Process Development.”

Via TheNewswire,

“SGS Lakefield Laboratory performed an elemental analysis and crystalline analysis of the material that was received. The results indicated that the lithium was in a spodumene (LiAlSi2O6) crystal form, and no chlorides were present. This suggests that the lithium is not the residue of brines from a land-locked salt lake.”

The Final Countdown For July 2019 Stock Challenge Begins

We are now at the final moments of this month’s stock challenge, and the question still remains: who will take home first-place? While we enjoy speculating as much as any other investor, your guess is as good as ours…