In this interview, Alexander Smith visits Peekaboo Beans at its head office in Richmond, British Columbia. The direct seller of children’s apparel is expanding its presence from Canada into the United States.

Peekaboo recently reported that,

“USA recruitment is outpacing Canadian recruitment, where Peekaboo Beans saw an increase of 30% over Canadian recruitment for the month of October 2017.”

Peekaboo is an ethically manufactured children’s apparel brand sold exclusively through its direct-sales network of Stylists or independent sales representatives. This removes the cost structure of more conventional bricks and mortar style businesses. Peekaboo Director Mr. Darell Kopke was a member of the group of founders of lululemon, serving as Asia-Pacific Managing Director until 2009.

Peekaboo Beans Sales Increase Roughy 10X from 2009

Finally, Peekaboo Beans’ sales have grown from $328,209 in 2009 to $3,469,867 in 2015. The company is moving into the United States and attempting to replicate and improve upon its growth in Canada.

Peekaboo Beans Sales Numbers