At Pinnacle we are always researching new technologies that could change our tomorrow. Cement is all around us; and, as the clean energy revolution continues, we expect even cement to go green. Cement-making accounts for 5% of all global carbon emissions. For example, this amount of carbon is equal to all the carbon emissions created by airplanes and ships in the world, combined. One company thinks they have the solution: biocement.


Biocement to Revolutionze Cement Small-Scale Industry?


A North Carolina startup is working to change the way we produce cement; in fact, the firm aims to grow natural cement bricks to circumvent the hefty fossil fuel consumption needed for normal cement.

The idea was born from the way seashells and coral grow. Seashells and limestone (used to make cement) are both made of calcium carbonate. Consequently, biocement may begin to replace courtyards and cement used in small buildings. To learn more about biocement, visit the Civil Engineering Portal.