Bitcoin is not history, but monetary history in the making. Hence, Mike Maloney points out in this latest video, many of the investors in cryptocurrencies are new to the arena. Unfortunately, most have no idea how important monetary history is.

Bitcoin Makes Monetary History as Rally Continues

Furthermore, Mike explains,

“Its very important to get a perspective on the psychology and emotions that run the market.”

Bitcoin has been on fire in recent sessions, running to new all-time highs on almost a daily basis. The digital currency crested above CAD$9,000 per coin in early November.



Maloney Sells Bitcoin to Buy Silver

Mike Maloney recently sold some Bitcoin and bought silver with the proceeds. On Bitcoin, Mike notes the technologies may change, but the human emotions that power the markets – greed and fear – do not. Then, at the conclusion of his video offer’s his book Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver to viewers, for free. Bitcoin’s rally is reaching epic proportions but is still small compared to the gold sector or other more developed markets.

This past summer we wrote about Bitcoin and Blockchain in Blockchain Technology An “incorruptible digital ledger”.