Searching for value can be difficult in a bull market… but, ironically, it becomes easier in a bear market, particularly a long one. That said, the more severe a bear market is, the less likely retail investors are to look for opportunity. They get investor-fatigue. Regretfully, this is why the majority of retail investors miss out on early gains, having long thrown in the towel, waiting for things to ‘turn around’ before they dip their toe back in the water.

With the current mining bear market in its 4th year, companies able to tick the boxes with the right
can1criteria have become few and far between, making the well-positioned junior miners/explorers stick out like a sore thumb.

In the search for our second Featured Company of 2015, we were adamant that it operated in the junior mining space, and that the company be partnered with a major who had invested considerable cash, expertise and time in the project. (We wanted to see serious commitment, not soft ownership with limited skin in the game.) Reason being is because far too often juniors get stuck attempting to finance and advance an asset with no backing from a major or partner. In bear markets, this can lead to work grinding to a halt, news flow drying up, and plummeting valuations – just as we’ve seen with many juniors in recent years.

We also wanted a production angle to the story. This is an added benefit — in some unique situations — when juniors partner with bigger players. And in our new featured company’s case, even the small-scale production achieved at the project told us many things about the region, and the relationships already in place.

Thirdly, there had to be demand for product. While that sounds obvious, for many commodities in this economic environment there just isn’t enough global demand. Several commodities are in extreme global supply gluts right now, selling at a significant discount or simply out of favor.

The subtitle of our new-featured company’s press release from May 12th, reads:

“Receives Highest Premium Yet Achieved for Product”

How many juniors do you know of who are selling commodities for a premium in today’s market?

Key fact: The major whose subsidiary is partnered with our new-featured company has approximately $2.7 billion in assets under management.


Enter Manganese: an agricultural mineral and critical micronutrient.

Manganese is the 4th most used metal, in terms of tonnage, along with iron, aluminum and copper,can2according to the International Manganese Institute. Over 300 minerals are known to contain manganese, but only 12 are worth mining, according to the International Manganese Institute.

Key fact: Just four countries — Australia, Brazil, Gabon and South Africa — supply over 90% of the world’s high grade manganese ore.



Manganese is widely used in fertilizers, making it more diverse than most metals – hence our description of this commodity as an agricultural mineral and critical micronutrient. Only the high grade manganese (approx. 48% Mn or higher) can be used in fertilizers for agricultural purposes. More importantly, it must comply with the statutory ceiling on heavy metal content. So finding deposits with this calibre of manganese is very important to the global agricultural industry. And, in part for that reason, Brazil is heavily relied on as a manganese source.


The pressure on manganese supply is best explained like this: Approximately 93% of manganese goes into steel manufacturing. There is no substitute for this commodity in steel making. Furthermore, a rising demand for high grade manganese has come to pass in recent years as farmers/growers look to boost crops like soybeans to meet soaring global demand.

It can be argued that no country has felt this pressure for manganese demand more than Brazil, which overtook the US in early 2014 as the world’s largest producer of soybeans. Brazil is also the home of our newest featured company’s flagship asset, which is currently in small-scale production.

Key fact: Brazil exported 94.50 million tons of soybeans from April 2014 to April of 2015. This is up from last year’s 2013/14 crop, where exports reached 86.70 million tons; and 2 years ago in 2012/2013 when Brazil’s exports totaled 82 million tons.



Cancana Resources
chart source: The Hightower Report


Brazil’s share of the global soybean market has grown exponentially since the late 90s, as can be witnessed from the above chart.


Manganese Fertilizer 101

Manganese is essential to plant growth. It is a major contributor to various biological systems, including photosynthesis, respiration, and nitrogen assimilation.



According to, from an article titled Manganese Fertility in Soybean Production:

“Of all micronutrients, manganese tends to be the most common deficiency noted in soybean production.”



For years we’ve written about the importance of agriculture and the looming global food crisis, which already impacts much of the world. Quality, high-nutrient content food needs rich soil to grow; and manganese is a critical micronutrient found in healthy soil, used increasingly to boost crops.

Key point: Manganese must be high grade (at least 48% Mn) and have very low heavy metal content for it to be applicable to the agriculture industry.

Our new Featured Company, as mentioned, is partnered with a major private equity firm (via its subsidiary). The project they are partnered on is in small-scale production and has produced some of the highest grade manganese in Brazil (approx. 53% Mn). The product is being sold directly to fertilizer manufacturers in that country.

What’s more, for the first time, our new Featured Company and its partner on the project are starting drilling to test whether the vein systems on the property have the potential to host a large global deposit of manganese. It is critical to understand these initial drill targets represent less than 10% of the known areas of mineralization; and in conjunction with the first ever regional airborne program, the company aims to prove up its geological model. Additionally, the property is located in close proximity to a region in Brazil credited with making the South American country one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of soybeans.

Our New Featured Company is Cancana Resources Corp. (CNY:TSXV)

Cancana Resources Corp. (CNY:TSXV) is focused on exploring and developing the BMC Manganese Project in Brazil with its joint venture partner Ferrometals.


Ferrometals is a special purpose investment vehicle for The Sentient Group. Sentient is a resource-focused private equity fund with approximately $2.7 billion in assets under management, and a 15-year track record for advancing resource projects from early stage to pre-feasibility and development.

Ferrometals has invested roughly US$24 million in the BMC project to date, both directly and through Cancana.

Cancana Resources (CNY:TSXV) and Ferrometals formed the Brazil Manganese Corp. (BMC), and are employing a two-pronged strategy at the project. The primary objective is to advance the BMC Manganese Project to an initial resource and onward to pre-feasibility, while also expanding current small-scale production to support those exploration activities.

The BMC Manganese Project includes two small-scale manganese production plants, known as Rio Madeira and Jaburi, and a land package totaling 104,000 hectares. Cancana has a one-time option to increase its ownership in the JV from 32.5% to 39.5%, which expires in November of this year.

Cancana Resources
*BMC Manganese product washed and sorted by size


The potential benefits of being partnered with a bigger player are obvious: Access to capital, followed by deep industry connections and expertise.

Ferrometals has consistently demonstrated their support of Cancana, participating in each of the Company’s financings since getting involved with BMC, most recently in the financing announced April 23rd.

The most recent example of Cancana’s ability to attract top tier human capital came on May 12th when it announced that Paulo Gontijo had joined the Brazilian JV (BMC) to expand existing operations. Gontijo is a former RTZ Corp. (now Rio Tinto Group), Yamana Gold Inc. and Vale S.A. mine manager.

Not many juniors have a previous mine boss from Rio Tinto Group, Yamana and Vale to draw from. Gontijo is a senior mine engineer with over 30 years’ experience. He brings BMC’s total employee count to 71, of which roughly 98% are Brazilian.

*BMC Manganese employees hand sorting oversize material
*BMC Manganese Management beside final product – coarse material

It’s the Grade and Purity That Counts

Just how high grade are some of the results from Cancana’s JV BMC Manganese Project? Although selective in nature, a regional sampling program returned an average grade of approximately 54%. More importantly, pilot production at the BMC Manganese Project from 2014 totaled 4,631 tons at an average grade of 53.2%.



Below is a map highlighting the recent sampling program. The red circles represent assays greater than 55% manganese.


The two small-scale production plants located on the property are also highlighted in light beige boxes above.

*Hopper with crusher initiates the circuits


Fertilizer manufactures require a minimum grade of 48% manganese and statutory low levels of heavy metals. According to Cancana, its JV BMC Manganese Project has the highest manganese (Mn) grade in the country and little or no heavy metal content. That’s noteworthy when you consider that Brazil is one of the main suppliers of higher grade manganese in the world.

A premium is paid for high grade, high purity manganese that meets or exceeds mandatory statutory compliance on heavy metals content. This can be seen in Cancana’s May 12th press release, subtitled“Receives Highest Premium Yet Achieved for Product”.

Cancana’s President & CEO, Anthony Julien, made the following comment on May 12th:

“This quarter successfully demonstrated the value of our strategy of targeting the higher priced manganese fertilizer market rather than the steel market. We achieved a notable premium that was our highest to date. We continue to make quality and infrastructure improvements that will enable us to expand production…”

Click here to read the entire quote and press release.


In respect to Q1 sales, BMC averaged more than a 30% premium on current CIF prices and represented a 15% increase in sales price on previous sales from 2013.

Highest Grade Manganese in Brazil


Whatever commodity a company is mining, the higher the grade, the better. That’s universal for any commodity. We have seen this in the gold sector in recent quarters as several high grade assets were acquired or closed significant financings.

Cancana’s JV BMC “project has the highest manganese (Mn) grade in the country”, according to its investor presentation. In light of Brazil’s standing as one of the world leaders in manganese production, it can be argued that the BMC project has some of the highest manganese grade ore in the world.


image source: Cancana investor presentation

The Right Market – The Right Time


Between now and 2020, Brazil will need current manganese production to increase 170% to meet domestic demand.


Location, Location, Location

While being located in Brazil is advantageous, Cancana’s JV BMC Manganese Project is located close to where the majority of soybeans in the country are produced. This potentially puts Cancana at a geographical advantage to other producers.


The red dot (map above) outlines BMC’s 104,000 hectare Manganese Project. The dark green area represents the highest soybean production region in Brazil, whereas the lighter green represents more modest production.

Soybeans are Big Business


By far the largest category of Brazilian agricultural exports to China is soybeans, which totaled 32.8 million metric tons, worth roughly $17.15 billion, in 2013. This made Brazil China’s top supplier of soybeans.


*China relies heavily on Brazil for soybeans


Significant amounts of soybeans are harvested in the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil, directly east of the State of Rondonia where Cancana’s JV BMC Manganese Project is located.


Back of the Napkin Thoughts

While there is a hungry domestic market in Brazil for agricultural manganese, specifically from the soybean sector, a large tonnage production scenario would service the steel sector as well. This is why projections show that between now and 2020, Brazil will need current manganese production to increase 170% to meet domestic demand.

If Cancana and Ferrometals can prove up a world-class resource in regards to size and grade, they could be well-positioned for the next commodity bull market.

A perfect example of what can happen in a bull market for a high grade, large-scale resource can be seen in Australia’s Woodie Woodie Manganese deposit. Woodie Woodie is a 36 million ton manganese asset that has a 1.3 million ton annual manganese production capacity at an average grade of 44% Mn. The previous project owner, Consolidated Minerals, was purchased for AUD$1.3 billion at a time when it was only producing 250,000 metric tons of manganese per year in 2007.

buyout source:…


A key geologist that worked on Woodie Woodie is Ganesh Bhat. He happens to be the senior geologist and investment manager at the Sentient Group supporting Ferrometals’ management team. He has a BSc (Geology), MSc (Applied Geology), PhD (Geology) and a Master of Applied Sciences (Environmental Science). He worked in Australia at various nickel and gold operations for Lion Ore and Coolgardie Gold Mining Company before joining Consolidated Minerals as Senior Geologist where he was involved in the resource development for the Kambalda nickel operations, and Coobina chromite mines and Woodie Woodie manganese mines in Pilbara, Western Australia.

Cancana’s Built-in Advantages


Through its partnership with Ferrometals, risk is somewhat mitigated for Cancana as its majority stake partner is responsible for investing the majority of capital into the asset. As a 32.5% stakeholder in the BMC Manganese Project, Cancana is in a unique position.

Cancana’s President & CEO, Anthony Julien’s final comments in May 12th’s press release were this:

“Our goal is to increase production for the remainder of the year. That will enable us to move toward economically subsidizing the development of a flagship resource, that will see its first drill campaign begin later this month.”


Having completed an extensive regional sampling program, the next major goals will be to prioritize and test drill targets from the regional geophysics program, while ramping up and modernizing its current production. With production offsetting some of the costs to work the project, the current drill campaign will start the search for potential large-scale, high grade resources at Cancana’s BMC Manganese Project. This is the first time that regional bedrock exploration drilling has been undertaken in the project’s 10-year history. And that’s why we are introducing it to you now. The program is expected to commence in late-May.

We are biased towards Cancana Resources (CNY:TSXV) because they are an advertiser client and we participated in the company’s recently completed private placement for our own investment purposes. We may also increase our share position in the company following the release of this report. Please take responsibility for practicing your own thorough and independent due diligence.

This marks the initiation of our coverage on Cancana Resources (CNY:TSXV). Its shares last traded at CDN$0.235. We will have further updates in regards to this story over the coming weeks.


All the best with your investments,




*Click to view Cancana Resources’ Investor Presentation



*Cancana Site Visit – February 2015

Cancana Resources Sedar Filings


Cancana Management

Cancana Capital Structure

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