Our sole featured oil and gas client of 2016 is riding high of late – up over 50% from our introduction price of CAD$0.48 last April to its peak price of CAD$0.74 per share hit on Wednesday. It closed trading this past week at CAD$0.72

We introduced Jericho Oil (JCO: TSXV) at a price of CAD$0.48 on April 10th, 2016. After trading somewhat sideways for about eight months following our initial report, the company’s stock has surged just as we anticipated it would if oil rebounded to more reasonable levels. Bear in mind, WTI was hovering just below US$40 when we introduced Jericho; it closed at US$54.02 per barrel on Friday – good enough for a solid 35% gain in that time period.


Jericho Oil 1-Year Chart – courtesy of Bloomberg

Jericho Oil Chart


We opened that April 10, 2016 Weekend Volume titled, Jericho Oil: Acquiring Oklahoma Oil Production on the Cheap with these words:

“Throughout history, fortunes have been made buying distressed assets when few had the liquidity, or the courage, to step in and buy. Cloaked in desperation, the current oil sector has created a generational opportunity for bargain hunters with cash.”

Things were bleak in the oil industry back in April 2016 for North American producers; but, unlike many other speculative juniors in the space, Jericho had cash and a stout management team. We were willing to roll the dice on them…

Now, with Trump in office, sentiment has changed in the oil & gas sector and Jericho is one of many oil stocks getting a boost. Many of these companies will be revalued even further if oil creeps above $60 or $65 per barrel. However, we’re not holding our breath on those price levels in 2017 ($60 may be hit during summer driving season, but we don’t believe it will get much higher this year).


Oklahoma Oil | Jericho Has A Focus on Cost


We were drawn to Jericho during our due diligence process almost right away because it focused on low-cost production opportunities. Below is a final excerpt from our report:

“Jericho, unlike many oil producers, has a focus to, “Continue to achieve recurring field – level cash flow neutrality at/or less than $20/ barrel WTI,” according to its corporate presentation dated Q1 2016. WTI Crude closed trading on Friday around $39.70 per barrel.”


Jericho Oil's Oklahoma Oil Production
An ESP (Electronic Submersible Pump) at Jericho’s Creek County asset.


Click here to read Jericho Oil: Acquiring Oklahoma Oil Production on the Cheap.


On February 2nd, Jericho Oil provided its Q1/Q2 2017 operating plan in Oklahoma, where it holds ~75,000 acres in partnership with a Private Family Office. Below are two short excerpts:


“Jericho’s operating and technical team has begun its initial program aimed at reducing the decline rates within producing wells, returning idled wells to production and lessening downtime across its assets. A key portion of the Company’s acquisition thesis is that previous distressed operators have not provided the maintenance capital required to implement oil-field best practices and maintain production rates.”


And that,


“In addition to Operating Improvements, Jericho is continuing to build out its full-year 2017 Capital Budget, which is expected to accelerate production growth with the drilling of de-risked, in-fill vertical and horizontal wells throughout its asset base primarily focused on the Hunton, Woodford and Mississippi Lime formations prevalent across its acreage.”

Click here to read the entire press release.


While much of the liquidity on the Venture remains concentrated on high flying marijuana-related, gold and lithium stocks, Jericho has quietly been going about its business in the oil sector.

If you would like to listen to Jericho Oil’s CEO, Allen Wilson, in a recent podcast click the below link and fast-forward to 41:45. Mark Leibovit conducts the interview. Mark was ranked Timer Digest’s #2 Gold Market timer for 2011, and the #1 Gold Market timer for the five-year period ending in 2010. He was also the #1 U.S. Market Timer for 2006 and the #1 Intermediate U.S. Market Timer for the ten year period December, 1997 to 2007.


Listen to Allen speak with Mark Leibovit on Wall Street Raw

(fast-forward to 41:45)


Congratulations to those of you who stuck it out with this junior oil and gas company. The rather short wait was worth it.


As soon as next weekend we will be introducing our new, and first of 2017, featured company. Stay tuned…


All the best with your investments,




Jericho Oil Stock Information

Canadian stock symbol: JCO – trades on the TSX Venture
U.S. stock symbol: JROOF – trades on OTC PINK
Stock price (CAD$): $0.72
10-day avg. volume (approx): 18,000
Market capitalization (approx): CAD$56.77 million


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