Member ‘iram53’ broke into first-place today, sending member ‘bob4001’ into second-place and ‘Wreak Havoc’ into third. iram53’s first pick, Millenial Esports Corp., has risen a whopping 172.73% this month so far—giving iram53 an average total return of 73.46% for the July 2019 Stock Challenge.

Millenial Esports, a company that aims to revolutionise esports racing and the racing gaming genre, recently announced a convertible debenture financing, which it has closed the first tranche of.

Via PR Newswire,

“Millennial Esports . . . announces that it will conduct a non-brokered private placement (the “Private Placement”) of convertible debentures (the “Debentures”) in the principal amount of up to $15,000,000, and it has closed a first tranche of $5,251,112.”

July 15, 2019 Stock Breakouts and Breakdowns

The biggest stock breakout of the day goes to FinCanna Capital Corp., which rose 12% from C$0.13 to C$0.14 today. FinCanna Capital Corp., a royalty company for the U.S. licensed cannabis industry, announced earlier in May that it had acquired all of the rights and interests of Cultivation Technologies Inc. Cultivation Technologies Inc., a contract cannabis product manufacturer and cannabis distributor in the state of California, is currently involved in two lawsuits.

Via Cultivation Technologies Inc.,

“Cultivation Technologies . . . is presently facing two lawsuits primarily with Mobile Farming Systems, Inc. (“MFS”) acting as either a plaintiff or as a nominal defendant . . . While management and the board of directors deny all allegations pertaining to CTI, its officers, and its directors — the Company is providing this information in an effort to provide full transparency to its shareholders and stakeholders.”

The biggest stock breakdown of the day goes to cryptocurrency mining and data centre operator Cryptostar Corp., which fell 12.50% from C$0.12 to C$0.10. Since the beginning of July, Cryptostar has fallen roughly 41%.

We’re officially at the half-way mark for this month’s Stock Challenge! Be sure to lock in your picks for next month if you haven’t already.